The evolution of homemade halloween costumes for women is expected to hit an all new level this year. Today women's costumes are expected to make a statement, tell a story and, most of all, be memorable. Some are sexy, flirty, and fun while others are so unexpected they can leave those viewing in awe.

Whether one opts to be a Hollywood bombshell, wild jungle animal, or ghoulishly wonderful zombie, the right makeup can overcome the fact that the costume may not be of the best quality.

The best part is that makeup is one of the easiest things to achieve well. With normal makeup, some supplies from the kitchen, and a little Halloween paint, becoming an animal, alien, or character other than who you really are can make all the difference.

If one elects to be a zombie, for instance, any attire is appropriate; of course, the more deconstructed the better. To achieve a look that few will forget, however, apply makeup as usual, make some thin oatmeal and smear a little on cheeks, chin, and nose. Womens Halloween Costumes

After it dries just touch up the makeup where needed. Initially the skin will look as if you have a rough complexion, but as the night wears on the oatmeal will begin to peal away looking as if you are decaying right before everyone's eyes.

To become an animal first decide what you'd like to be. It's important to wear any outfit that is in a single color and covers all the skin. Black or brown are generally best and easiest to work with as the makeup will need to be the same color as the clothing.

By studying the features of the animal in advance it's easier to tell where accents should be applied. For instance by coloring the nose black, drawing a line under the nose toward the chin, then circling the lines on each side in semi-circles in a grin appearance you've begun to make a cat-like face.

Shade in the nose area and eliminate the eyebrows by covering them with the dark makeup then reapply eyebrows for animals that have them then an animal can be achieved. A little face putty can help alter features as well.

For those who want to go sexy almost any look serve as the impetus, but remember it's the makeup that makes any look memorable. Sexy does not necessarily mean limited clothing is necessary.

As a matter of fact, males often are more enticed when they have to wonder what lies underneath rather than having it all displayed. Covering head to toe with a dark color then doing some kind of outrageous makeup that covers features can leave many wondering who you really are.

For those who are planning to attend a party this fall, homemade halloween costumes for women can provide many with the opportunity to become something special without a huge cost. It's important to remember that the makeup will make or break the look so practicing in advance and taking special care on the day of the event to wow the crowd will make this Halloween one to remember for many years to come.