Ladies, lets face it. Boyfriends are tough. What's even tougher is finding the perfect holiday gift for your boyfriend. (What is it about men's gifts that makes it impossible to find the right thing?) Whether you're on a limited budget, looking for the perfect romantic touch for your gift, or are dealing with the boyfriend who already has everything, we've got you covered with this list of wallet-friendly, romantic gift ideas he's sure to love.

If your guy's a corporate nine to fiver, brighten up his cube (and his day) with a personalized office supply stash. There are tons of boring, generic office supplies everywhere – why not add a little life to his desk with supplies you decorate just for him! Take a trip to Staples and get a clipboard, binder clips, pencils, a notebook, planner, etc. - anything your guy may use while he's making the bacon. Because you'll be decorating them, the key here is plain. Next, pick out your theme. For example, if your boyfriend is a Jets fan, you may want to paint his supplies green and white. You can also use magazine clippings, pictures or stickers. For a more finished look, paint a layer of Mod Podge, available at most craft stores, over your design. A caveat: if your guy's workplace is conservative, you should be also in your theme. (e.g., go for classic solid colors rather than photos of Spring Break in Cancun) After everything is dry, arrange it all in a matching basket and voila! - a little fun to brighten up his meetings!

For inexpensive homemade gifts, pictures are always a great idea. An unexpected touch, though, will make it a holiday gift worth remembering! Try fixing a picture to the back of a vintage or interesting box (tag sales are great places to look!) for a dramatic shadow box effect. For a similar style without the depth, substitute a funky tray. If you can find an old multi-paned window, place several photos on the glass within the panes for a rustic feel. There's no better way to remember your favorite moments than making them the centerpiece of a homemade, one of a kind frame.

We all know that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. That's why no list of thrifty homemade holiday gifts would be complete without the mother of all decadent snacks: chocolate covered strawberries! In either the microwave or a double burner on the stove top, melt one package of semi-sweet chocolate. Be sure to stir it to make sure its melted all the way through. Wash and dry a package of room-temperature strawberries thoroughly and dip into the melted chocolate, holding by the stem. Try adding liqueur or espresso to the chocolate for an added surprise. Package in a tin or basket and watch as the chocolate melts your boyfriend's heart!

Despite all of the expensive gadgets and hottest electronics out there, a homemade holiday gift shows that it truly is the thought that counts. If none of these ideas work for you, try walking around a craft store for inspiration. You could make him a personalized shirt with iron on letters and patterns, decorate a box for stashing his video games in, or just write him a poem or tried and true IOU cards. Besides, men are confusing enough as it is! Why worry about beating the sales and breaking the bank when he'll love your homemade gift more than any store bought novelty!