Make Your Own and Save

There are tons of homemade hunting cover scents you can use to increase you odds of a successful hunt. Those going after deer, elk, bear, or moose know that the real key to success is making sure the animals don't smell you. Sometimes, being downwind is not enough to keep the animals from smelling you. For these instances, you may want to consider some homemade hunting cover scents, so you can bag the animal you are after.

In the woods:


Many homemade hunting cover scents can actually be put together for free. This means you don't have to spend a penny to block your odors, so you can have a more successful hunt. There are several things you can do, which we will explore, if you prefer not to buy coverup scents online.

Dirt: Homemade hunting cover scents can be really simple and effective at blocking your human odor. Dirt, for example, is one of the easiest things you can use. You've probably noticed the fresh earth wafers at the store. These cost about six or seven bucks for about five wafers. Why should you pay for imitation fresh earth? Homemade hunting cover scents using fresh earth are easy to make.

· Get to your stand, but before you hunker down, scuff up the dirt and grass in the area. Try to do it quietly, so you don't alert the deer or other animals to your presence.

· When you dig, you want to do a little more than simply skimming the top layer. Your boots may work, but they also contain unwanted odors. You can use your boot heel to get started, and then use a stick to dig up the ground a little more. Homemade hunting cover scents like this one are really easy to make, and are free. Freshen it up from time to time by digging around in the dirt, perhaps every couple of hours.

Pine: Pine is a really easy to use homemade hunting cover scent that can quickly and effectively hide your human odor. It's very easy to do, and it actually gives you a little something to do with your hands, so you can keep the rest of your body nice and still. Homemade cover scents with pine are really easy to pull off, even in the woods.

· Gather material, which are pine needles and branches. You don't need that terribly much, but the more you have, the more effective the homemade hunting cover scents will be.

· Take the material in the stand with you. Use your hands and fingers to rub on the pine needles. If you give it a smell, you'll notice it gets greatly enhanced this way.

· Branches have pine sap, which can make a very effective homemade cover scent for out in the woods. Strip some bark off the twigs and branches and set them near you.



At home:


There are many homemade hunting cover scents you can make at home, and then take out in the woods with you for the hunt. These will cost you nothing to make, so you will save a lot of money. Here's just one homemade hunting cover scent you can use.

· Gather up natural material from the area you hunt. This will generally include pine needles, leafs, grasses, and any other food material in the area, like corn or clover from farms. This will be the base for your homemade hunting cover scents.

· If you have a clean water source in the area you hunt, get some water, and fill up a container. About a half gallon is plenty for most hunters. If you have no source of clean water, go to the store and get a gallon of distilled water. Tap water generally has chlorine and fluoride, which give off an odor. Those with well water, without any form of cleaners or conditioners, like, salt, can probably get by with tap water.

· Break up the leafs, pine needles, twigs, grasses, and all other items into small pieces.  Really, the smaller pieces are much easier to work with for your homemade hunting cover scents. Place these items into a large pot, big enough to hold the water you will be using.

· Add the water and slowly simmer the mixture in a pot. You may want to do this outside, on a grill, if you have that option. The odor is pretty strong. Don't boil. Get it very hot, and let it simmer for about an hour.

· Allow the mixture to cool off, so you don't burn yourself with homemade hunting cover scents.

· Use a strainer to get the solid pieces out. It's easiest to dump the mixture into another bowl or container, using the strainer.

· Pour the contents into a plastic spray bottle. Be sure to rinse the out the spray bottle and wash it with baking soda. This will help eliminate the odors in the spray bottle.

· Spray the area with the mixture when you hunt.

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The easiest one of all:


The easiest homemade hunting cover scent you can use involves pine needles or leafs and a few twigs. Here's how to make this super easy method work like a charm. It's an easy homemade hunting cover scent.

· Add pine needles, leafs and grasses to a plastic garbage bag. Gather up a fairly good amount, perhaps one gallon worth, or more. Your homemade hunting cover scent will be more effective in slightly larger quantities.

· Insert your camouflage or blaze orange clothing you will wear on the hunt. You can insert your other clothing layers as well, for the best results.

· Allow to stay in the bag for at least one or two days. It really works much better if they have a couple of days, since the odors absorb more.

· Your clothes will absorb the odors from the sticks and pine needles, helping to eliminate your human odor. It's a really easy homemade hunting cover scent.



As you can see, there are some really easy homemade hunting cover scents you can make to improve your hunt. The methods listed are quite easy, and best of all, they won't cost you any money. You will be successful this year with homemade hunting cover scents.