Winter is here and that means dry hair can occur due to the dry winter air. The best way to prevent hair from drying out is by making and using a homemade honey and milk shampoo a few times a week instead of using drugstore brand shampoos that contain harsh ingredients in them that can dry out hair even more in the wintertime. 

The basic ingredients used to make a honey and milk shampoo are ¼ cup of organic honey, ¼ teaspoon of jojoba oil, 3 tablespoons of warm milk and a teaspoon of liquid almond castile soap. The honey, jojoba oil and milk nourish and hydrate the hair so it can be shiny, soft and full of volume while the castile soap helps cleanse the dirt and styling product buildup from the hair naturally. 

The basic materials needed to make this homemade moisturizing shampoo are a small glass measuring cup and a wire whisk. If you don't have a wire whisk a spoon will do just fine for combining the ingredients together. I just prefer a whisk because I feel it helps combine the ingredients together better. 

Making the honey and milk shampoo is simple. All you do is pour the honey, milk, jojoba oil and castile soap into the small mixing bowl and combine the ingredients other with the whisk or spoon until you get a creamy thick golden honey and milk shampoo that has a sweet warm milk and honey scent to it. Then the shampoo is ready to use immediately. 

To use the homemade shampoo simply get into your shower and rinse your hair down with plenty of warm water until it is drenched. Then pour the shampoo over the top of your head and lather it into your hair and scalp with your fingertips. Now the honey and milk shampoo is not going to lather up heavily like a store brand shampoo. Instead, there will be light bubbles and you might end up with the feeling like the shampoo isn't cleansing your hair well enough. However, this is not the case continue massaging and lathering the shampoo into your hair and scalp for two minutes. Then rinse you hair out with warm water for about 6 minutes and squeeze the water out of your hair. Next, towel dry and style your hair like you would normally do because this is when you will see how soft, silky, smooth and shiny you hair has become after using the homemade shampoo. 

Now, in order to maintain soft hair throughout the winter use this homemade shampoo a few times a week and wash you hair every other day instead of every day. Washing hair too much can strip it from its natural oils and cause it to dry out and become brittle. I wish you all some happy soft hair day ahead of you.