Sailor Fuku UniformCredit:

The sailor fuku uniform is the Japanese style of school uniform that is based on the look of a sailor’s uniform. The fuku uniform is the girl’s version, nearly always worn with a skirt. Girls can sometimes choose the length of their skirt, but most skirts are above the knee. The implosion of manga and anime in the United States has made the sailor fuku a trendy and well-used choice for costumes. There are specific, official fuku costumes or uniforms that you can purchase from stores in Japan or official costume stores, but you can also get the sailor fuku look with just a few clothing pieces from your closet or purchased at a thrift store. 


White blouse with large collar

Blue square scarf (optional)

Safety pins

3 inch wide ribbon

Blue mini skirt

Knee high or short socks


Step 1

Purchase a blouse with a wide collar from a thrift store or choose one from your own closet or the closet of a relative. Many blouses from the 1980s and early 1990s have the wide collar necessary for the fuku outfit. If you cannot find a blouse that matches this description, use a regular blouse without a collar.  You can make your own collar by sewing a square scarf, which you can then use for the costume’s collar.

Step 2

Lay the scarf flat on a hard, flat surface. Roll the two front ends of the scarf into a tube shape. Leave the back two ends flat. Depending on the length of the scarf, you may need to fold it in half in a triangle shape before rolling the ends. Wrap the rolled ends around your neck from the back, hanging the rolled edges down in the front. Tuck the two rolled ends down inside the blouse and pin in place with safety pins. 

Step 3

Put on the blouse and skirt. Cut a three foot long piece of ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around your blouse under the collar. Bring the edges of the ribbon out from under the collar in the front and tie into a large floppy bow.

Step 4

Put on knee high socks and loafers. Make sure the socks have enough elastic to stand up on their own. Some Japanese girls wear short socks with their uniforms instead. Wear pigtails or a pony tail in your hair to complete the schoolgirl look.