More of itI love sauerkraut. I love it on a Reuben Sandwich; love it with sausages, as a side dish; or fried, boiled, This can be considered as a vegetarian recipe. Looking for a very easy vegetarian recipe for St. Patrick's Day or any day of the year? I have just the thing for you. This fun and fermented food is fun to make and good to eat. It has no salt. Vegan style and healthy.

Homemade variety of fresh sauerkraut is much crunchier texture than your store-bought canned kraut. By making it yourself, you will be able to create a delightful tangy flavor or by adding various other vegetables to your liking. Others have added radishes, cucumbers, carrots, and broccoli to such sauerkraut. Choose what variety you would like to try.

Sauerkraut was developed as a method for preserving cabbage when refrigeration was not available and very common in Europe. It is good for a person physically, and the special qualities are due to fermentation.

Some folks claim kraut serves as a blood cleanser and a bowel regulator. Manufactures its own B vitamins. I eat it because I love sauerkraut. Enjoy eating! Combine with hot dogs, ribs, or even in a Reuben Sandwich. Try an Italian sausage combination with your homemade sauerkraut. Polish sausage sauerkraut. Everyone is always looking for good recipes Combine your fresh sauerkraut and corned beef. Make a sauerkraut salad. Ideas are endless. The big difference in this recipe is that herbs take the place of salt.

Sauerkraut 1Here we go:

2 large heads of red, green, or mixed cabbages

Any spices, herbs (dill, caraway seed, thyme) can be added to impart a salty taste

Any vegetables you wish to add (peppers, cukes, beets, carrots, and cauliflower are popular choices)

Few loose cabbage leaves

Big Crockpot

Thoroughly clean the vegetables listed. Set aside a few large outer cabbage leaves

Cut or shred the cabbage into fine strips.

Put about a two-inch layer of shredded cabbage in the crock. Mash it down with masher or squeeze with your hands and press to bottom of crock.

Sprinkle your chosen herbs and spices over the cabbage, using a half teaspoon for each head.

Add a second layer of cabbage and pound as before, then add seasonings again. Mix all together.

Place a few of the whole outer cabbage leaves on top. Cover with the plate, which should be weighted down.

Cover the crock with a clean cloth and place it in a cool place (65°-70°F).Less risk of spoilage if the kraut is allowed to "work" in an area that maintains a temperature of no more than 65°F.

Every two days, check kraut, and scoop off scum across the top.

Depending upon your taste preference, it will take one to three weeks for the kraut to be ready.

Other varieties of Kraut making:

Garlic Sauerkraut: Add 4 cloves and 2 slice onions with the seasonings listed.

Mexican Sauerkraut: Add 2 jalepeno peppers, chopped


Refrigerate the kraut when fermented and ready to eat

There you go, a food recipe you can add to your collection

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