If you enjoy feeding all the wildlife at your home, then consider making a homemade squirrel feeder to add some fun to your yard.

I personally enjoy the squirrels and find them entertaining and therefore give them their own feeder.  One good side effect of this idea is that the squirrels tend to go to their own feeder and leave the bird feeder alone.

Squirrels get up to all kinds of fun and games in your yard and it can break up the monotony of a winters day to see them playing and feeding at their very own homemade squirrel feeder in your yard. 

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You don’t have to have a lot of tools to create a feeding station for these fun and furry creatures you just need some of their favorite supplies.  From experience I have found peanut butter, corn and nuts to work well.

One feeder I created that worked out well, was to take a simple piece of  one inch thick wood or board and drive a long screw through it and into the base of a dried corn on the cob.  Try and get the screw in as far as you can as the squirrel will try to carry it away otherwise.  The idea is that you want them sitting there to eat it.  The cobs will be sitting upright on this piece of wood.  You can make it as simple or as complex as you want.

You need to then attach it to another board that can then be hammered onto a tree or basically sat on the picnic table, or attached to a branch.  If you want the squirrels to stick around and eat you need to make the feeder secure with a little area for them to sit on, or place it somewhere where they don’t feel threatened.



Peanut Butter Covered Pine Cones

Another simple idea is to cover pine cones with peanut butter, especially the crunchy type.  For this project you don’t have to buy the “good” peanut butter but the cheaper oiler type will work well.  You can then hang the pine cones from a branch and watch the squirrels  hang from cones to get the snack.  Just make sure you use large pine cones and attach it with strong wire so the weight of the squirrel does not bring it down.

I also love to feed birds, so I put their feeder in another part of the yard.  This way, for the most part, the two feeders are enjoyed without squabbles!

Squirrels can be fun to watch when you are not so busy trying to keep them away from the bird food.  By providing their own feeding station and filling it will seeds such as sunflower seeds or unshelled nuts you can be totally entertained by them. 

You can either make your own squirrel feeder or you can also purchase them online at Amazon and get started right away.

You can get the dried corn on the cobs at pet food and bird food supply stores, and you can also buy nuts and peanuts in bulk to save on cost.  You can get the nuts in shells, but the problem with that is there is a lot of mess to clean up come the spring time from the all the shells.  I prefer to just use bulk nuts and peanuts (unsalted).

If you like the idea of a homemade squirrel feeder then consider getting a set of plans to make your own, or you can purchase kits such as this one that was created using a plastic bottle to keep the food dry and to watch the squirrel go in and out of the bottle for their treats. jar squirrel feeder

Squirrels are smart little creatures and they will do their best to get a share of that fancy bird food you are setting out for the birds, so why not give them their very own feeding station?  You will get lots of activity in your yard this winter and enjoy the antics of our little squirrel friends.