Homemade valentine card ideas can make your kid a hit at school but when making Valentine's cards for this many people it can get overwhelming. In this case you might just want to go for preprinted cards and include a homemade treat like a cookie. Here are a few ideas for homemade valentine card ideas.

One item that you can venture into is baked goods, although this won't really work for long distance valentines unless you plan well in advance. This is also a way that older kids and adults can even appreciate receiving valentines. You could just use heart shaped sugar cookies and write down a message on it with a piping bag. This could be simple like 'I love you' or include several cookies for a longer message.

The dollar store is going to be a great source of both ideas and materials for homemade valentine cards. You can get packs of paper doilies in the wedding or card section. These traditionally are used for decor. You could use this to create the card itself. Just use cardstock so you have a more durable surface to write on.

You can also use doilies to decorate regular paper. Look for doilies that have a lace pattern that's been punched out. You can use it to just then act as a stencil on your paper to create a lacelike pattern. You can create a homemade Valentine's Day card even if you aren't an artist.

Another option is going to be to go with a really abstract kind of effect. Words are really a great way to do this. This is something that we are seeing a lot of in interior design. You can use a printer to design your own greeting cards, but it's also going to be a little more of an unusual way to just give your basic handwritten card. In this case you just want to layer a lot of different words on top of each other. This can describe the person themselves or Valentine's Day. You can also mix and match the two. You can go for a very Victorian kind of effect. You could add in a cupid sticker or clipart. Another option would be to just make it very modern with a lot of block letters and just focus on words. If the words that you choose to use are very related to Valentine's Day then this means that you can really venture out into a lot of different fonts that aren't as traditional. This means that you can even use turquoise and orange for valentines which are a great option if you are designing a homemade Valentine's Day card for a boy.

You can add a lot of decorative elements to a handmade valentines day card. In this case, you can just go for something very simple that you can twist into a heart shape. This could be jewelry wire. You might even be able to find a paper clip. Then just keep it very contemporary and chic looking and place it on top of a plain white card.