Creating homemade Valentine cards is very easy, and in this article you will find 5 excellent websites where you can get unique ideas with step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Valentine's Day is considered to be one of the most important occasions that people celebrate yearly. Practically everyone buys gifts to give to their loved ones, but if you would like to ensure that yours stands out, then why not think about making homemade Valentine cards for kids, boyfriend, or anyone close to your heart? Read on to find out to make this day truly special.

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Homemade Valentine Cards – The Story

It is said that Valentine's Day cards began through the ancient god named Lucercus, at times recognized with Faunus, a Roman god, who was believed to be identical to Pan, a Greek god who was extremely well-liked by women.

The celebration came into existence to pay tribute to him. Likewise, it is said that it was the period when the young Romans searched for their spouses. A number of histories stated that throughout this time, the ladies wrote love letters and placed them in clay or stone urns afterward. These letters will be pulled out by men who will have the woman as his spouse or mate for a year. Other stories stated that men wrote lengthy love letters to be sent to the court's beautiful women afterward.

Other myths ascribed this particular history to St. Valentine or any of them. Valentine who was locked up for executing weddings was the one that obtained the merit of Valentine's Day cards. It appears that the Emperor was not in favor of men getting married as he believed it would be a hindrance for them to participate in the military service. When he discovered what he was doing, he put him to jail, making the latter fall for the daughter of the prison keeper. He kept writing love letters to her with a sign "from your Valentine".

Another history was about the Duke of Orleans being jailed in the London Tower and was sending Valentine's Day cards and love letters to his spouse.

Attempts to put an end to sending cards on this day were unsuccessful. It was made by St. Francis de Sales in Geneva as well as the other rulers and church men, but their efforts were pointless. The tradition keeps coming back and has become more accepted by many people around the world.

Baby Cupid turned out to be a "staple" figure in nearly all homemade Valentine cards and those that can be bought in bookstores and malls. His arrows that are plunged in love concoctions are believed to achieve genuine love to people who have been hit by the arrows. Venus, Cupid's mother, was regarded as the goddess of beauty and love, a probable reason why Cupid has been associated with Valentine's Day practices.

Making decorative homemade Valentine cards or custom greeting cards has made the young women of the 17th century busy. They can buy cards in shops, but those were more expensive and small in size. Publishers started to take advantage of this event to gain profit, and there were some who created books that are filled with verses for those who cannot come up with their own sweet and loving lines.

Homemade Valentine Cards – 5 Sites to Teach You How to Do It

There is nothing as personal and unique as homemade Valentine cards because not only they are made with lots of love and care, but also because they are things that nobody can find in any store and malls. If you are not the creative-type, but would really like to produce beautiful homemade Valentine cards, you may want to check out the following websites that can surely help you out.

Homemade Valentine Cards – Best Design Options

Best Design Options ( has numerous Photoshop templates in PSD as well as Photoshop tutorials on how you can create homemade Valentine cards. You are free to craft your own adaptation of their templates, like you can put in texts into them for a more personal touch, or you can modify the colors and then attach more elements if necessary. The website's tutorials are simple to follow that even you yourself will be amazed as to how you were able to do the homemade Valentine cards despite your lack of creativity and knowledge on how to use Photoshop. You can even make postcards if you want in case you like something different.

Homemade Valentine Cards – ValentineCardIdeas, as the name suggests, is a website that has so many unique ideas on how you can create your homemade Valentine cards. The site has lots of tutorials such as how to stamp love on a poster, how to emboss hearts, Valentine cards crafts for kids, choosing a doily posters, how to create a heart garland from magazines, how to create a mailbox for notices, and a lot more.

Homemade Valentine Cards – Fine Craft Guild

The Fine Craft Guild ( website is filled with one-of-a-kind ideas for DIY carte du jours. It has simple instructions, techniques and very helpful tips that are necessary in order to produce a beautiful handcrafted one. You may also want to check out the sections on how to create a wooden heart frame, how to create a friendship bracelet cuff, free hip Valentine Twitter backgrounds, Valentine cards for kids, and other crafts and ideas that are perfect for other occasions.

Homemade Valentine Cards – Fave Crafts

Fave Crafts website ( brings you 22 ideas for your homemade Valentine cards. It has 15 cards that are perfect for your boyfriend with easy, step-by-step instructions included. You can choose from these titles: Be My Valentine Postcard, Folding Heart, Beaded Pink Scroll, Heartfelt Message Valentine, Blue Valentine, Heart Stamp, Iron-On Valentine, Hippity Hoppity Valentine, I Love You, Pink Heart Mini, Valentines from the Heart, In the Pink, Three Hearts Stamp, Valentine's Day Felted, Candy Wrap, Charming Heart, and Expression of Love. The website also includes 3 famous poems dedicated to this particular day as well as other craft ideas for other occasions.

Homemade Valentine Cards – Holiday Slides Kaboose

Holiday Slides Kaboose website ( has 20 simple-to-do such postcards that are worth looking into. The website contains a lot of extremely useful information because aside from the custom greeting cards or homemade Valentine cards ideas that are ideal for your boyfriend and everyone else, it also contains gift ideas for the holidays, games, and a lot more.

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