Creative and Easy to Make Valentines day gifts

If you want to do something creative for valentines day and are looking to make homemade valentines day gifts that are simple to do. Below is a list of ideas that would be perfect for kid’s classroom gifts, friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, co-workers, spouse or whoever. Some of these are great when you need multiple gifts.
You can get a lot of the supplies at most craft stores. They are very easy to make just by looking at the photos. You can also change colors or other options to fit your needs.
I like The Way You Roll
This Valentines day gift is made with rolo candies and wrapped in valentine's day wrapping paper and closed with a red bow or valentines sticker. Hand write “I like the way you roll” inside of the wrapping paper, along with any other valentines message you have.


Homemade Valentines Day Gifts
I Dig You
Adorable little plastic shovels and clear cellophane bags filled with candy of your choice and tied with a matching ribbon. Print or write “I Dig You” on round cards, (cut with a scissor with scalloped edge) and punch a hole in the card for the ribbon. Put M & M's or candy of your choice in the cellophane bag and tie the card and candy bag to the shovels handle. 
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Valentines You Rule
This is a great classroom gift or child’s gift. Cut out hearts with the wording “Valentine, You Rule” on it. Use two colors of paper, red and white for contrast and attach it to a 6” wood ruler. You can use a dab of rubber cement so it removes easily.
homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78506)
Butterfly Tootsie roll pops
Cut out butterfly shapes, fold in the middle gently, then cut with a scissor two small lines about 1” inch apart from each other. Then slide a tootsie roll lolli-pop in the cut lines to secure the lolli-pop to the card. Glue 2 small eyes on the lolli-pop. Add your message on the card.
homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78507)
Heart Shaped Doilies filled with candy.
White Heart shaped doilies and the edges are sewn with red thread and filled with candy hearts. Embellished with a red heart
homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78508)


Rice Crispy Treat Hearts

Yummy and cute. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter and fill with rice crispy treat mixture to form a heart. You can add pink food coloring as an option. Put the rice crispy treat in a clear cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon. * Hint, spray the cookie cutter with non-stick spray for easy removal.


homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78509)
Crush Drink
Buy Crush soda in a glass bottle and tie a card to the soda with a ribbon. Write “ The best type of valentines day crush is the kind you drink”.
homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78511)

Candy Bar Valetines Day
Chocolate candy bar of your choice and remove the label so just the silver wrapper is left. Wrap the candy bar with your choice of valentines wrapping paper and use a dab of glue to seal it closed. You can embellish the wrapper as well.
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Breakfast in bed
Make your favorite breakfast and add a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses to a serving tray. Sprinkle rose petals on the tray. Very romantic!
homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78513)
Chocolate covered strawberries
A classic and always a favorite! Make 6-12 strawberries dipped in chocolate, and drizzled with white chocolate, and vice-versa. Put the strawberries in a nice red box tied with a nice white satin ribbon and lined with tissue paper or parchment paper. You can serve this to accompany breakfast in bed as well.
homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78514)

Healthy Valentines

Print out cards saying:
 “I’m bananas for you”
 “You are plum perfect”
 “You are the apple of my eyes”
 “You’re pear-fect”.
Cut in circles or squares. Punch a hole in each card. Match these cards with the coordinating fruit. Use a rubber band to attach the card to the fruit. Great for non-eating candy folks or for healthy eating. It’s also cute to put in someone’s lunch box.
homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78515)
Valentines Cinnamon Rolls
You can either make the cinnamon rolls from scratch or buy the already made cinnamon roll dough that you just have to put in the oven. Instead of rolling the dough straight across, only roll the dough half way, then do the other side so it meets in the center. Then pinch or form the bottom middle of the roll so it looks like a heart. You may have to loosen the roll a bit to form it. Put in a gift box, wrap with a bow, and line with parchment paper , or you can serve these for breakfast in bed.
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Glow Stick Valentines
Cut out heart shaped cards with a printed message “You make my heart glow” and tape a glow stick on the back of the card. Glow sticks come in necklaces and bracelets, either can be used.
Valentines Day Pie in a Jar
Make your favorite pie recipe and put it in a clear jar with a cover. For the crust topping cut out a small heart and place the heart next to the open cut heart before baking. Close the jar and tie with ribbon and card. Only use crust as the topping.
homemade Valentines Day Gifts(78517)

Ice Cream Soda Candy
Very cute. Using a old fashion ice cream soda glass, fill it with valentines candy of your choice. Top with taffy that is wrapped in wax paper and use two pixie sticks as straws and a red chocolate heart. You can substitute the taffy with cotton candy. 
soda glass candy

Classroom Bracelets
Easy to make bracelets. Print and cut out circles on card stock paper. (using a scissor with a scalloped edge) Print the message "Our classroom would knot be the same without you". Punch two small holes on the side of the circles and insert a braid made of craft strings. Tie knots at the end of string so it doesn't come un-done.
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Valentines Day Cake with Kit Kat Bars

I love this idea. Make a doubled layer cake of your choice. Frost it and put kit kat bars along side of the cake, then top with colored valentines M&M's. Wrap a ribbon around the entire cake on the kit kats. A beautiful presentation. This is a great hostess gift or bring to a valentines day party.

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