The cheapest and easiest way to make lightweight firestarters that will burn for over 10 mins

Firestarters are a great way of getting a fire going under bad weather when camping, can can also help when lighting up a fire place.  Here's how to make some very efficient firestarters for free !


What you'll need

-Egg carton

-White, unscented wax candles (preferrably paraffin wax)

-Lint from your dryer


the egg carton

Cut each compartment of your egg carton as to get a small cup.  Each cup will make one firestarter that will burn for at least 10 minutes.


Stuff each cup with as much lint as possible.   It will most likely take a bit of time to collect enough lint to make a dozen firestarters.


Melt the Wax by placing it in a double broiler on the stove top and heating until the wax is inliquid form.  Do not melt the wax over fire pit, it can catch on fire easily.


Pour hot wax into each compartment.  You will notice the lint will loose much of it's volume, so you can add a bit more as you go.  Your lint to wax ration should be roughly 50-50.  You can also add cardboard bits, or even wood chips to the mix, as long as it is all held into a neat clump inside your egg carton cup.


Let it cool down and voila !  I keep my firestarters in a ziplock, but for added protection against water, you can roll each cup around in more molten wax.  Light it up and thank me later !

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