A strangeHomeopathic Remedies car accident (I was hit about six times from the rear in a line of slow moving traffic) sent me searching for pain relief with all manners of medicine. A chiropractor helped me immensely, and re-assured me that he "majored in car accidents." I was referred to many experts in western medicine practice, too.

Eventually I met a hand specialist who treated me for about 6 months. He urged me to use a homeopathic cream called Traumeel which I found like this Traumeel Ointment 100 Gm Tube. I had used homeopathy for many years, but never heard of Traumeel. It is a versatile pain reliever that is a safe alternative to anti-inflamatory drugs. The car accident was 6 years ago, and I am still using the Traumeel cream on my hand! It works so well that I have bothered to learn more about it.

About Traumeel

Heel Traumeel is new to me because of the word "Heel." A health food store employee told me that was just another name for it. Actually it is manufactured and distributed by Heel Inc., so that explains why it is seen on the packaging. Besides that, it is the same great product that has been around for many years.

Now it is available in gel and tablet form used for humans and animals. This remarkable topical and internal homeopathic cure is derived from botanical ingredients, plant, animal and mineral. It treats symptoms from trauma, muscle overuse, injuries, arthritic sprains, and post op swelling. I have always used the cream or gel quite successfully, but I am wiling to try the tablets, now that I am aware of them. The remedies are generally well tolerated. A temporary relief of inflamation, a slowing down of the process is important because inflamation also means healing. The inflamation needs to be controlled, not suppressed, and that is what Traumeel does.

Like Cures Like

Homeopathy is considered an alternative medicine. A simple explanation is "like cures like." When a substance shows symptoms of disease in a healthy person the thought is that the same substance will cure a sick person suffering from the same symptoms. There is an ongoing controversy about whether homeopathy works or not. For Traumeel specifically, the related debate is about the low potency of arnica in the product, will that really work? Arnica reduces swelling and bruising. Personally, I think it works quite well. I treat my arthritic hand, and both knees with it. The results have been amazing, and I believe the degenerative joint disease (crude term for osteoarthritis), has become stymied. No joint replacement yet for me!

Basically Traumeel helps me with greater mobility. It is like "oiling " my joints. Certain exercises like bicycle riding are also good for maintaining fluid joints. Strangely enough I have found a big diet change by practicing eating gluten free foods to really improve decrease in my joint pains. Evidently gluten triggers allergies that exacerbate arthritis. Ginger tea also aids in calming inflamed joints plus it is beneficial to circulation, and I drink it frequently.

Know that there are safe alternatives to traditional western healthcare, and may the force be with you.