For several years now, more and more homeowners and finance companies have been forced to put homes up for sale. Whether due to Hurricane Katrina, loss of income, or unbelievably high interest rates set on loans that should never have been approved, foreclosures are rising. Regardless of the reasons, families have been displaced and the economy is taking its sweet time getting back on track.

Sadly, the damage is done. With the continually rising amounts of foreclosures, the homes for sale listings are not getting any shorter. And, the cycle comes to a halt. How are people going to buy a house if they have lost their house to foreclosure? Who is going to buy all these houses, and with what money?

The government hasn't figured out how to resolve this issue either. Programs promising to stop the foreclosure process aren't enough at this point in time. People have already lost their homes or put them up for sale, and all the refinancing, "stop the foreclosure before it starts" and debt consolidation programs in the world can't help them now. Families have become homeless out of no fault of their own. For instance, the landlord that rents apartments to families and falls behind on his payments on his mortgage. When the foreclosure comes through, who does it really affect?

Here's a proposal for a new program to fight this losing battle in America:

1) A "second chance" program. Families that have lost their home to foreclosure will be given a second chance at homeownership. Of course, the same qualifications would apply to this family as would with any loan, minus a few exceptions, including leniency on credit scores and if the foreclosure situation occurred due to job loss. As long as the applicant has attained steady employment, a second chance should be considered. Credit should be counseled and the adults could be required to attend financial counseling for the first year, with special attention on paying their mortgage and cleaning up credit.

2) A specific government fund for families displaced due to no fault of their own. When a family loses their housing due a landlord having their property foreclosed on, the government should step it up. Where are the funds going to come from? Let's just start with helping our homeless people here in America before we start sending our funding and resources out the country. If we can't help our own people, how can we run out and help other countries?

3) A true restructuring of the banking and financing system. There is gossip about this occurring right now. Unfortunately, for the thousands and thousands of people still out here picking up the pieces of their lives after home loss or after selling their home to prevent foreclosure, this restructuring has yet to be seen.

As the homes for sale list grows immeasurable, the list of displaced families continues to grow as well. With the word "change" that government has drilled into our heads in campaigns and speeches, Americans are still awaiting the action plan. Until arrangements are actually put in place to "change" this economy around and provide support for those who have lost during the recession, the homes for sale list will most likely continue to mount.