It seems as though homeschooling has become a trend in America.  So many parents are pulling out of public and private schools and pushing towards teaching their kids at home.  There are many benefits to this.  Ron Paul, an extremely smart former politician, doctor and an author, has put together his own curriculum after him and some other researchers have discovered what kids need to know while attending school.

Ron PaulCredit: Morgue FileBiblical Principal of Self Government - The idea of biblical self government is to do something because of the God given authority and not do because you are being forced by a police state.  We should be governing ourselves, instead of being slaves to other people.  When we do something because we are being forced to we are no longer considered living under self governance.

Personal Responsibility - This is a major topic your kids will learn with Ron Paul’s homeschool curriculum.  Being responsible is extremely important in growing up.  Your kids will learn responsibilities by life’s teachings and lessons.  Working through literature, history and math lessons your kids will get a good grasp at major personal responsibilities. 

Understand the Free Market - With this program your kids will learn and understand the free market and the market economy without any government control but based on the supply and demand of the products.  The free market deals with privately owned businesses. 

History of Liberty - With Ron Paul’s curriculum kids will understand the history of liberty the way it really happened.  This is extremely important as it is influential in our every day lives. 

Understanding of Austrian school economics - The Austrian school of economics teaches the history of its ideas, institutions and ambassadors.  This is part of the homeschool curriculum you should be teaching your kids.  It is based on free enterprise and economics.

Rigorous Academic curriculum - Ron Paul’s homeschool curriculum works to teach kids a rigorous academic curriculum.  There isn’t any wasted time or busy works.  This curriculum is designed to teach kids only what they need to know.  It is taught from primary source original documents since so much of what is published in textbooks are controlled.

Ron Paul’s curriculum is designed that after the child finishes the program he or she will completely understand history of foreign countries, American history, how the constitution has been illegally changed, literature, mathematics, science, etc.  The child will know how to confidently speak in public, write, read, run a website, start a home business, defend the free market system and much more.  

The way this curriculum works is by online teaching which that includes lectures, reading assignments, essays, exams, etc.  There is no need for the parents to have to go and spend money on textbooks which are inaccurate anyways.  This program is great for school agers from kindergarten to 12th great because they can work at their own pace.  There is no need for the school to push kids further when they are not understanding what is being taught.  All they need to do is replay the videos to listen to the lectures again.  I would definitely recommend the Ron Paul homeschool curriculum for your children. [1]

The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System
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