Anyone who has ever looked into homeschooling knows that there are plenty of homeschool workbooks out there. The trick is to decide whether your children need them or not. If you decide you do want to use workbooks, you have a sea of options to wade through to find the one that best fits your family.

First, think about whether you need homeschool workbooks or not. Do children retain what they learn when they use workbooks? Are workbooks the best thing that you can give your children to learn what they need to learn? Oftentimes, parents need to provide a balance of learning options for their children.

Parents can also use literature, hands on activities, field trips, songs, motions, and many other resources to reinforce material so that their children will retain what they learned. Some children like workbooks and others don't. If your child enjoys workbooks, then let them work on them, but make sure you also include some other materials so that your child doesn't burn out on workbooks.

Not all workbooks are good and not all workbooks are bad. They teach facts and provide repetition that encourages retention of the material. It's important to look through the pages before you purchase anything. Are the pages easy to read and follow? Is the material displayed in a simple and logical format? Will your child be able to understand what is written on the pages? Does the material look like information they have already completed and mastered? If you have any reservations about whether this book will be what your student needs, then pass on this one because there will be plenty of others to choose from.

Just because your friend or homeschool mentor uses a certain workbook or curriculum, doesn't mean your family is supposed to use it too. Each child and each family is different. What works for one child in a family doesn't always work for all the children in the family. The important thing to do is to pray about what your family should be using. God created all of you and He is certainly able to lead you to the right materials to use. It's your job to ask and act on the answer that you get. This is not always easy to do since we often let our agenda get in the way.

Have confidence that you will be able to choose the right material for your child. If you make a mistake along the way and end up choosing something that is not right for your family, give yourself some slack and realize that all good homeschool parents buy at least one book or curriculum that they later regret purchasing.