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It is generally accepted, in this wonderful country of ours, that if a family decides to homeschool their children we are welcome to do so.  I know some people scoff at this as they feel the children will lack socialization and a myriad of other questionable lines of ignorance.  I imagine that some school districts disapprove as their federal funds are slightly effected by the attendance, of an otherwise potential student, calculation being diminished by said child’s loss of enrollment.  And on and on...

Regardless of your thought process on the subject of homeschooling I wonder what your thoughts are on freedom?  I can’t imagine many wishing to deny a family their freedom to choose that which is our constitutional right.  The Romeikes’ are a family who has sought political asylum from another country, had it granted, and then overturned by our current day administration.  How does that fit in our discussion about homeschooling?

The Romeike family lived in Germany where homeschoolers are harshly fined and the custody of their children is in danger.  As trouble was seen as creeping more closely to them, they immigrated to America in 2010 seeking political asylum.  U.S. Immigration Judge Lawrence Burman granted the Romeike’s request only to have it overturned in 2012 after the U.S. Immigration and Customes Enforcement challenged the decision.

What strikes me as odd here is that it was overturned at a time when the administration was starting to get some heat for their implementation of a new public school, and beyond, curricula called Common Core.  To those who pay close attention to matters of education and our children this new way of thinking is absolutely absurd and yet another infringement on our freedoms.  But I digress.  At a time when progressives are asserting that all of the children in in country are collectively children of the state it is of greater concern that we see this families denial of asylum. 

What are we allowing to happen in this country?  On one hand the politics of the day try to put on the face of an accepting country allowing our neighboring individuals the freedoms we have for so long enjoyed.  We have it jammed down our throats about how compassionate the progressive and / or Democratic party are.  Yet, it is the same party structure that is now putting into action the deportation of a family who is in need.   This is not a party bashing observation as each party has its inconsistencies and truly vulgar ways of politicking us to death.  Rather, this is a cry to all for a value system to be kept in tact and functioning properly.  Set the values, allow the laws to ensure those values.  Obey those laws and apply them appropriately to all.  It’s really not that difficult.  

 We allow many into our country even though they have not followed the rules for citizenship.  Here you have a family that did follow the rules and we decide to turn on them and throw them back to the wolves.  Where is all that compassion I hear so much about from the current administration?  We really need to wake up and hold all of these politicians accountable for their continuing actions.  It is sickening to watch our leaders state one thing while attempting to be elected and then changing rather drastically upon their consumption of power.  

 This is yet another warning to all to keep your eyes open and watch what our fearless leaders are doing while we are all trying hard to make ends meet.  Pay attention...Please.

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