When people talk about homeschooling their children and not have to send them to a structured educational system such as our traditional schools it is natural to think that homeschooling is pretty inexpensive, or cheap. This is very far from the truth. Although this type of education does not stick to any particular type of text, it could be more of a bane than a boon when it comes to financing your children's education at home.

Considering that you want your children to be competent with other children in the same age group and receive state-of-the-art of the art education, expenses will mount whether you are ready for it or not. The actual cost of home education is surprisingly high. When looking at textbooks, course materials, going to and from the library, computers and printers, internet costs, and a study area with great lighting and furniture, it all costs money. If you have more than one child to home school the cost per child will be slightly less. Then add to the cost of tutors who may be needed to teach the high-tech subjects you are not able to teach and the costs of homeschooling can be mind boggling.

One other cost that may not have been considered is the stay-at-home parent. With this parent out of the work force and dedicated to homeschooling the child and having to hire a tutor, the costs can triple. Many tutors charge fees similar to wages teachers get. Although now there are tutors within homeschooling networks that may, in fact, not cost much or even be free.

Many people have been successful at carrying out homeschooling for their children at very low rates. This is all dependent on the amount of children to be home-Schooled, the support group, the materials used and the availability of materials. If successive children can use the material, the costs go way down.

Many of the course materials and textbooks can be purchased from yard sales and other avenues that specialize in home school materials. Memberships in the library and other social events such as concerts, ballets, and other cultural events do help cut costs. One great way to cut costs is to barter. Offer teaching another child a particular subject for something the other parent can do. This is a great way to save money on homeschooling.

The advocates of homeschooling all say the benefits far outweigh the costs in consideration. When you are able to decide what your child will be educated in, especially within the interests of the child and needs of the educational system you will derive a lot of freedom to choose. You will also develop a lot of power. Both you and your child will benefit from this enriching, exciting experience called homeschooling.