Lion Brand Yarn Homespun


-Rich, vibrant 64- color palette
-Reasonable pricing


-Tends to snag, especially in knitting projects

Full Review

Although Lion Brand Yarn Homespun is not hand spun, the colors and texture mimic the gorgeous quality of hand painted, hand crafted fibers. Rated 5 on the weight scale, this fashion-worthy collection of yarns is perfect for warm, cuddly hats and scarves, a variety of throw pillows and blankets, and luxurious, eye-catching sweaters.

Especially in some of the multi-toned skeins, the color variations can create a striping effect. Colors such as 'Corinthian' can range from jewel-toned reds and purples to evergreens and golds in one skein, so plan accordingly when selecting your yarn. As for washability, the label states that this yarn is machine washable and dryer safe. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that shrinkage can and will occur, especially if a piece is inadvertently tossed in the wrong load! To be safe, wash on delicate settings in cold water, and either lay your finished piece out to dry flat or use the lowest heat and tumble settings on your dryer.

Workability can be an issue with Homespun yarns. It does tend to separate and snag, which will slow up production time, as you have to smooth it back to its original shape as you work along. This doesn't occur as much with crocheted pieces, and happens less often when using larger sizes of knitting needles. It's not a good idea to use plastic hook and needles or even bamboo, if the needle surface is rough. The recommended hook size is K (6.5 mm) and needle size is 10 (6mm).

Homespun yarns come in 6 oz skeins, which gives you 185 yards. The price is fairly reasonable, and can often be less expensive when purchased in retail stores rather than through Lion Brand Yarn's website. The website lists $5.99 per skein, while retail stores often carry it for $4.99 per skein and have regular sales. Unfortunately, most retail vendors don't carry the entire line of 64 colors. If you see a sale on your favorite colors, however, snag a bunch!

In Closing

Using Homespun yarn, a wide variety of knitted and crocheted pieces can be created without breaking your bank. As close to hand spun, hand painted beauty as one can get from a man-made fiber, Homespun yarn offers the sophisticated coloring and texture you want in your non-baby pieces!