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CHALK HILL ESTATE VINEYARDS & WINERY, California will make you feel like you are getting married in your home. It evokes that kind of warmth. It’s comfortable, real, sincere and beautiful… just like home. Only that home encompasses 1,477 acres with a clear view of the Mendocino County and the westernmost tip of Lake County, beyond the surrounding Alexander, Knights and Russian River valleys.


The Ambiance

Nowhere will you feel the warmth and splendor of wealth as Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery. It rests atop the cooler Russian River Valley, just over the ridge from the warmer Alexander Valley. Its hillsides have this rough sort of beauty, it’s as if the seemingly disorganized plants and trees were landscaped to achieve a chaotic perfection.

Have you ever watched one of those movies where the only daughter of billionaire is getting married? The whole celebration is so glamorous but down-to-earth, solemn but joyous, elegant but sincere. This is the kind of wedding you can expect from Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery.


The Food

Your menu will be made especially for you so you are sure to get what you want. They also serve organically grown vegetables and fruits.

I recommend the spicy Thai coconut soup. It has sea scallops, onions and eggplant. This will surely surge your appetite to a maximum.  There is also the Pacific blue nose sea bass with sweet sunchoke dripping with caramel, beans like bean sprouts, an agro dolce sauce of pomegranate, molasses, juice from freshly squeezed orange and lemon and leeks that are deep fried. If some of your guests want more meat, you can try the spring lamb tagine with cinnamon and cumin with baby eggplant, lemon, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and fresh cilantro.

There is a host of wine choices of course. Their flagship wine is the Estate Bottled Chardonnay or the Botrytised Semillon, a dessert wine that’s only been made here a handful of times in the last two decades. There are more but those are the two I would recommend.


The Reception Area

You can take your reception to their Estate Pavilion. It sits in the heart of their beautiful garden with oak groves surrounded by acres of Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc vineyards. The floor to ceiling glass window allow you to enjoy your feast with natural light and the panoramic view of endless greens meeting the blue sky. The contrast that the hardwood floors and the handcrafted 21 foot tall French Louis X111 style limestone fireplace make the whole celebration even more homey and splendid.

You may want an outdoor celebration in their ridge-top park where you will have one of the most unique experience of having an outdoor kitchen and almost endless space for a large group.



The Amenities


There are lots to do on the estate. You can take different tours that will take you around the different features of the Estate. The culinary tour will, for one, orient with their environment-friendly and minimalist farming practice, take you through their winery facilities, visit the equestri center, the Furth family home and artwork collected from around the world, a 21-foot fireplace and plush seating for entertaining—and even an African war drum.

Touring isn’t the only thing there. You can watch falcons and owls, hawk perches and eagles’ nests, coyotes, deer, wild pigs, and others. You can visit the nine irrigation lakes, an Olympic-caliber equestrian center for dressage horses, play with family pets which includes two Texas longhorns, six bison, and some dogs.



The Service

You can expect to be treated like nothing else but a princess. It is impossible to overexpect because whatever beauty you have in mind, you will find more than that. Their people will always be by your side for whatever you need without crowding you. 


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Chalkhill Estate Vineyards & Winery California