Gardeners of the World

Evolve to Survive

Homo-Harmonious-is who we must become if we are to continue as a species upon this beautiful garden of a planet! I have presumed to give a name to our future selves as it appears to me that evolving into a species in harmony with the natural world is our only sane solution. It is only by becoming 'In-Tune' with the complexities of the natural world that we could possibly earn the right to remain-or justify our existence upon-this beautiful, suffering Planet.

In our evolution of body, mind and soul (Spirit is beyond evolution as being a part of 'Eternal Consciousness') we have taken a route that has led us away from 'The Garden' and endangered the inhabitants of an entire planet! This may be because as a species we are still in our infancy and are similar to a gathering of  two year olds in a toy shop. Playing with everything and anything, breaking much, with no regard as  to how all the different pieces fit or function. Occasionally we throw tantrums and never-ever put anything back in it's place.

If we are survive here we must wake up to the reality of the planet, solar system and universe functioning as 'One Being' and that all the facets of this 'Being' have rhyme and reason. Just as in a beautiful garden all the different plant species co-habit and enhance each other even though they may compete with one-another for space or sun-light. In short we must get a little more clever, more discerning and wake up to the fact that we are being led into a disastrous future by unscrupulous, un-caring, un-evolved examples of Homo-Sapien. These people have no regard for the gardeners world, or the world of co-operation with nature for the growing of food without the destruction of eco-systems, they consider themselves smart, just as long as  they are making shed loads of money. Any amount of collateral damage is acceptable and is left unconsidered.

Fortunately a great wave of consciousness is sweeping throughout Humanity. Along with this awakening we all need a destination and  a compass to steer us in our proposed direction of travel.

Awakening to the underlying wisdom and  consciousness of 'Nature' is perhaps the most important facet of humanities' awakening. Today scientists, world wide, have uncovered the mysteries of water and now understand, not only that water has memory and collects information from everything it touches, but the systems by which water accomplishes this. [read 'Tears of Isis -World of Water" available at Kindle --- and see---"Water-The Great Mystery" an amazing Video on U-tube]. Along with this knowledge comes the realisation of how water has managed the ecology of the Earth for Aeons and how in just a relatively short time 'Homo-sapiens' has,through his ignorance and controlling nature, dammed, diverted, abused, de-natured and denigrated water all over our planet.

Homo-Sapien has completely interfered with  and  disrupted the organisational system of Planet Earth, putting all and everything into the danger of extinction. Education is urgently needed, if thinking people everywhere take the trouble to enlighten ourselves with the latest knowledge available and the time to spread that knowledge liberally around- then we are in with a fighting chance to return our world to a functioning, ecological paradise. This is an immense task --  far greater than the paradigm shift from the 'Flat-World' to 'Global-World' consciousness that was taken by Humanity a few  hundred years ago! As far reaching as that paradigm shift was for Humanity it only served to increase our propensity for occupation and destruction of environments.

Today, so much of our world is taken up by the dual gods of 'Progress' and 'Economy' it seems few are  sitting down to find real solutions to the 'Over-all' problems that the world faces due to our continued insistance on  'Dominion', rather than discovering ways to work in Harmony with Nature. Gardeners of the world are at the forefront of communing with nature - discovering her circle of life on an individual, experiential basis. Our children must be encouraged and given the means to work with plants and earth as a vital part of their education.

Individuals are doing sterling work on solving individual problems and an overview of the problems that exist, is not lacking - only an overview of the solutions to be taken is missing!

Over population, abused waterways, polluted seas, de-forestation, species extinction, desertification, erosion, air pollution, energy production, food security, depression, hunger, famine, over-work, unhappiness etc. etc. all loom large. Following the K.I.S.S. strategy (Keep It Simple Stupid-- or perhaps-- Keep It Stupidly Simple!) Let us go for the starting point from which perhaps all will change , perhaps not as fast as Homo-sapiens in our impatience would like but on an a steady earthly time scale.

Paradigm shift:- as more and more humans percieve the wonders of consciousness as a part and parcel of everything (water, rock, crystal, plant-life, creatures etc.) we will begin to feel at one with nature, communing  and respecting the needs of every facet of this great creation.

We will have the courage to resist those that want to abuse nature for matters of profit and greed, steering them into a more harmonious course. Education of our children (perhaps allowing children a greater say in their own education and permiting them to educate us!)  will result in  swift progress out of our paradigm of dominion of nature (that has been the signature of Homo-sapiens for so long) and into our new paradigm of Harmony with Nature . With the  gardeners of the world leading the way, in time, we may evolve into 'Homo-harmonious' and have earned our place in the continuing story of Earth in Evolution. 

Harmonious Gardening

Harmonious Garden
Credit: Xicca Frances