If you have ever had trouble trying to decide which word to use when writing your creative novel, article or writing on your personal blog then I hope this article will help you learn which word to use. The English language is so confusing with many words that sound the same but have two or three different spellings. This is where the problem is trying to decide which particular spelling fits the subject that you are writing about.

These similar sounding words are called homophones. I do not intend to try in any way to  cover all of the similar sounding homophones as there are hundreds of them. Although, I will add several of those which I think writers have the most problems with.

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Learning which word to use is not always as simple as some people think.

Importance of using the right word in your writing

It is not only the non english speaking people that have trouble with homophones, everyone has trouble with some of these same sounding words because the US spells words differently to England and Australia.  Therefore we are all confused at times.

The hardest part is knowing whether you are writing for an American company because when you spell check your work you correct everything to suit your particular Word document then when you upload it will want you to change to their particular settings. So annoying for everyone.

My list  (not alphabetical as I add some morefrom time to time) of some of these words that may help you with this problem:


Assent is to agree or consent. You give Joan assent to bake a cake.
Ascent is to climb or rise up. Jill climbed up a steep ascent.


John had to alter his text message. People crowded around the church altar.


The shop assistants stopped the thief from leaving the shop. James gave his mother assistance to get up the step with her shopping.


Tom ate his dinner before going out to play. Eight people are coming to dinner.


My eye brows need plucking. It took ages to browse through all the specials.

But/ butt

We were having fish for tea but had steak instead. Butt can mean to butt wood together. Or; George has a nice butt. (Persons rear end)


They walked by the river. The Eagles had a bye last week. I went to buy a chicken.


The ceiling in the roof is leaking. The new floor needed sealing before you can walk on it.


My blood cell count is wrong. We need to sell everything at the garage sale.


The company made up the monthly draft report. A draught was coming under the door.


We are going for a walk. Please bring the bucket to the fore. (front) There were four people in the shop


I had to sew a patch on my jeans. The bread is so fresh. We are going to sow the seeds in the paddock.


John bought a new pair of boots. We will have to pare or peel the potatoes. My pear in my lunch was very juicy.


I was bitten by a flea. We had to flee before it rained.


We will be going overseas this holiday. The boss always oversees his workers.


Will you wear your new shoes to the dance? Where is the dance going to be held?


We all need to learn how to write the right words. I will write another article for Info Barrel today if I can find the right keywords.

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Here are a few more that could come in handy:


I made my bed. I asked the maid to make my bed


The plane was due to land any minute.  She had very plain features.


We can see her.  The sea is rough today.


I had spent my last cent.  Mum sent me to school early.


I did not know whether to wear the red or black dress. They forecast bad weather on the radio.


Our son is growing fast.  The sun rose earlier than yesterday.


Would you go to the shop for me?  Can you chop some more wood?


I saw her steal the chocolate. She had a sore on her leg. The eagle can soar high in the sky.


The chimney flue was blocked. She is sick with the flu. The bird flew high in the sky.

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