The Hon file cabinet installation kit is available for consumers and businesses to rekey file cabinets which are purchased in used condition, have missing keys, or are in need of a new access. File cabinet locks which have been damage through normal usage are additional and common reasons why changing your filing cabinet lock is performed. These lock kits can be found at many hardware stores both online and in your local neighborhoods.

The Hon File Cabinet Lock

The filing cabinet locks that Hon produces and uses are some of the best standard locking mechanisms used in modern office furniture. The Hon brand is well known to provide excellent quality and post purchase service as evident by their wide selection of after-market and replacement file cabinet parts, locks, and accessories. Similar brands such as Hickory, Anderson, and others offer their own replacement parts.

The file cabinet locking mechanism can differ depending on the type of file cabinet you own. 4 drawer lateral file cabinets may be more complex than basic 2 drawer vertical cabinets. Regardless however Hon file cabinets have locks which are relatively interchangeable and easy to upgrade, replace, or fix. If the mechanism is broken or malfunctioning then replacing the file cabinet look may not fix your entire problem.

Filing Cabinet Lock Kit Contents

Hon File Cabinet Lock KitFile cabinet lock kit contents typically include a new filing lock either keyed the same or differently as other locks in the same order. Keying a lock the same as an existing lock is usually difficult if not impossible to do. If you need multiple locks using the same key then buying multiple file cabinet locks keyed the same is the way to go.

Filing locks usually contain two keys or more as well as the small pats needed to make the lock work properly such as a replacement lock cylinder, bell crank actuator, compression spring, and other small file cabinet parts. If you need more than two keys then this may be added to purchases at many companies but your existing keys may simply have to be duplicated at a later date.

Hon lock kit contents when compared to lock kit contents from after market manufacturers will be similar depending on where you buy the products and the different locks themselves can be designed to operate from the same keys if this is requested during the ordering process. Costs are typically fairly low for replacement file cabinet locks and can be found at many retailers for around twenty to thirty dollars.

If you need to replace your inner locking bar or other file cabinet lock mechanisms the costs may increase accordingly. Similarly replacing small file cabinet parts such as a compression spring may be quite less when purchased by themselves. Depending on what parts you need to replace your lock kit may be little more pricey or more affordable. You may instead need to simply buy a new file cabinet lock core which can be quite affordable.

All after market filing cabinet parts do not always have to be branded by Hon or your file cabinet manufacturer. Locks may be universal and can work between brands similar to other filing cabinet parts such as file cabinet drawer sliders, dividers, or rails. Just find a reputable company that includes complete installation instructions and you should be OK.