One of the top brands of filing cabinets on the market today are Hon File cabinets. Hon file cabinets are among the top file cabinet manufacturers and provide filing cabinets which meet all standards for quality and durability expectations. They are built with high-end three-part, telescoping, slide suspension drawers which operate on steel ball-bearings. They have adjustable leveling guides and aluminum recessed drawer pulls. The steel construction of Hon file cabinets makes these the highest of quality cabinets for your dollar and allows for the interchangeability of some of the highest quality Hon file cabinet locks on the market.

Hon file cabinets are a staple of most office setting and for good reasons. Though these cabinets are not always design oriented they serve more than anything else the work environment where functionality trumps any other feature. When used in settings where sensitive information is present Hon file cabinets offers a truly secure storage system as the Hon file cabinet lock is very durable and secure and can even be rekeyed as needed. Made from steel construction these cabinets are not typically the prettiest file cabinets on the block but they get the job done handily.

Types of Hon File Cabinets

Hone File Cabinet 2 Drawer BlackHon filing cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes. You can find Hon lateral file cabinets, 2 drawer filing cabinets, vertical filing cabinets, 3 drawer file cabinets, 4 drawer filing cabinets. Hon makes low profile file cabinets which are accommodative to both letter and legal documents. In fact legal file cabinets are usually the same thing as a letter sized cabinet because the Hon file cabinet drawers allow for adjustability in the file cabinet rails so that many different sized documents can fit in the drawers comfortably.

Similarly Hon file cabinets come in many different colors. Your typical Hon file cabinet however only comes in a small selection of colors all on the black and white scale. Because Hon file cabinets are made from steel they are painted. White file cabinets are less common but various shades of grey are almost universal in large office setting. Similarly you can find Hon file cabinets which have been painted black or any other shade of steel or brushed metal.

If you want a more secure filing cabinet then you should consider buying a Hon file cabinet lock to switch out your existing filing cabinet lock. Unless you are the first owner of your Hon file cabinet or the first and only user of it the chances are good that there are additional keys floating around which are capable of opening your 4 drawer lateral file cabinet containing sensitive material. Hon file cabinets are made with security in mind and the Hon file cabinet lock will support you by allowing for the replacement of the internal locking mechanism so that you know for sure that you are the sole owner of the key.

Buying The Right Hon File Cabinet

Black Hon Lateral File Cabinet 2 DrawerIn addition to security planning you should also consider the design of your office space as it relates to your Hon lateral file cabinet or vertical file cabinet. Because Hon is more focused on security and functionality they are less customizable for features such as design and aesthetics. For instance you cannot find Hon wooden filing cabinets. They aren't made. Likewise you cannot find Hon file cabinets that are stylized to enhance the visual appeal of their surroundings. They simply perform a function and perform it well.

If you want to buy the right Hon file cabinet you will have to think in terms of buying the right Hon filing cabinet based on the functionality of the space. If you need to store bulky items in addition to sensitive documents than you should look into getting a Hon vertical filing cabinet with a top section that opens as a door to a space for storage of larger items. These types of file cabinets still have 1 drawer or 2 drawers below which act in a conventional filing cabinet manner. They simply offer the user more versatility in what is stored in the Hon filing cabinet.

Similarly you can also buy a Hon file cabinet based upon the dimensions of the outer shell. If you want a filing cabinet that is low profile then buying a 2 drawer lateral file cabinet which will meet your needs best. Conversely, if you are running low on available floor space for your Hon filing cabinet then a space saver 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet or 5 drawer vertical file cabinet is likely the best option. These cabinets offer the most storage space in the smallest footprint available. They sometimes look overbearing in a room but if you don't have the floor space for a lateral file cabinet they are a great option.

File Cabinet Parts

Lastly if you are going to be buying a Hon filing cabinet system you will want to make sure to get all the extra file cabinet parts you could ever need. File cabinet drawers usually come with a variety of adjustable options for the size and shape of storage documents and items. If you buy extra Hon file cabinet rails that will accommodate each of these options you will have many more options in the long run for arranging the many drawers of your file cabinet system.

In addition the file cabinet rails it may also be a good thing to buy extra Hon file cabinet locks for periodic lock changes. This will ensure that your file cabinets are secure from the unwanted and unforeseen duplication of your existing file cabinet keys. Much like backing up other sensitive documents you will want to protect the security of your Hon file cabinet by reinstalling a new lock periodically.

Other filing cabinet parts worth stocking up on are file cabinet sliders and file cabinet label holders. The file cabinet sliders are obviously for the unforeseen malfunction or breakage of an existing slider. Though this is rare having a spare file cabinet slider on hand will help protect the security of your filing system by letting you fix the problem right when it happens so that you don't have to go any nights with your file cabinet unlocked.

As you can see the Hon file cabinet is a versatile and secure filing cabinet system suitable for all working environments. It is durable and strong and these cabinets come in most any shape, size, and type you could need. Unless you are really in need of design inspired filing cabinets, wooden file cabinets, or fireproof or water proof filing cabinets, Hon file cabinets should be the perfect solution for you and your working environment.