Although the cost of Honda street cruisers and street bikes has increased each of the past few years Honda Motorcycles still tend to offer you much more for your money as compared to a Harley Davidson. Honda also has many entry level motorcycles unlike Harley Davidson which has basically one Entry level motorcycle which is the Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Low.

Honda has an excellent reputation for quality motorcycles. The cruisers that Honda motorcycles has for this year are wide and varied to give you the choice of cruiser you need at a price you can afford.

Honda ShadowHonda Rebel ($3,999)

The Honda Rebel comes with a 234CC engine. The Honda Rebel motorcycle is a Honda classic that has been the first motorcycle for many new riders. The low height of he Honda Rebel make sit an excellent motorcycle for short riders and new motorcycle riders who need to build their confidence. The low cost of this bike is another high point for a person looking to get into motorcycle riding for the first time.

Honda Shadow Line

Shadow RS ($7,799)

The Honda Shadow RS is commonly compared to the Harley Davidson 883 Sportster. The set up of the Honda RS is very similar to the Harley Davidson Sportster 883. The main differences come down to the suspension. The rear suspension of the Shadow RS has much longer spring rates then the Sportster 883 Low. Normally I would recommend buying a none Harley but in the case of the Shadow RS vs. the Sportster 883 Low I would recommend the Sportster. The retail price is only $6,999 for the Sportster and the money you save can be used to upgrade the suspension to Progressive shocks.

Shadow Phantom ($7,999)

745CC's on a blacked out engine makes the Shadow Phantom a great looking bike. The Shadow Phantom looks like a motorcycle that costs many thousands more.

  • Shadow Aero ($6,999)
  • Shadow Spirit 750 ($6,999)

The Shadow Aero and the Shadow Spirit are great bikes with great price points. If you like the look of an old motorcycle with full fenders then the Shadow Aero is your choice. If you prefer the look of a modern cruiser with smaller fenders then go with the Shadow Spirit 750. Both of these motorcycles are excellent choices.

1300 Custom Line

  • Sabre ($11,799)
  • Stateline ($11,699)
  • Interstate ($12,749)

Hondas 1300 Custom Line offers 3 amazing motorcycles. These chopper style motorcycles look like bikes that cost over $30,000 but are mass produced to allow a low price for the chopper enthusiast. The 1300 custom line offers 3 motorcycles. The Interstate is a chopper style motorcycle that is designed for touring. Seriously, a chopper designed for touring across country.

VTX1300 Line

  • VTX1300C ($10,199)
  • VTX1300R ($10,299)
  • VTX1300T ($11,499)

Hondas VTX1300 line consists of three motorcycles that appear similar to the Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Hondas VTX1300 line offer great suspension, breaking, and a lot of power. The VTX1300 motorcycles are a great value compared to the Harley Davidson Softail lineup.

VTX1800 Line

  • VTX1800N ($13,699)
  • VTX1800T ($14,899)
  • VTX1800F ($13,499)

The VTX1800 motorcycles all have 1,795 CC engines that are liquid cooled. The Honda VTX1800T is set up for motorcycle touring across country. If you buy a Honda VTX1800T instead of a Harley Davidson Road King you will have a lot of extra money you save that could be used for your dream vacation of touring across our great Country on your new motorcycle.

Honda Goldwing ($22.899)

If you want to do some serious motorcycle touring than the Honda Goldwing is your choice. Even many Harley Davidson Enthusiasts agree that the Honda Goldwing is the best touring motorcycle available. The Joke used to be that the Honda Goldwing had everything except for the kitchen sink. Starting in 2009 Honda began adding kitchen sinks to their flag ship motorcycle. You can even get a motorcycle airbag on your Honda Goldwing.

Fury ($12,999)

If you like choppers then the Honda Fury chopper street motorcycle may appeal to you. The Honda Fury has the looks of a home made metric chopper but you get the Honda Fury for a lot cheaper then if you were to build one yourself. You also get the factory supported warranty with the Honda Fury. How many custom choppers come with a factory warranty? Not many, nut the Honda Fury chopper does.

Honda also sells many other types of motorcycles including dirt bikes and sport bikes. From the Honda Rebel to the Honda Goldwing you will get an amazing motorcycle. The cost of Hondas Motorcycles has slowly crept up the last few years. The low price of the Honda motorcycles are not as cheap as they use to be but are still excellent values, especially when compared to the inflated prices of a similar Harley Davidson motorcycle. The best values in motorcycles are from Suzuki and Kawasaki but Honda takes 3rd.

If you have $12,000 to spend on a new motorcycle you will get much more from your purchase of a Honda motorcycle then you would if you purchased a Harley Davidson. You can get a bike equipped similar too, and sometimes a lot better, than a Harley Davidson motorcycle and save thousands of dollars.

Honda is like Harley Davidson in the fact you can find a dealer almost anywhere your travels may take you. Honda has some of the best mechanics in the industry. Another great thing about buying a Honda motorcycle over a Harley Davidson is that if you decide you want to purchase a dirt bike, sport bike, or 4 wheeled ATV you can purchase from the same Honda salesman that sold you your Honda Cruiser street bike. Honda even sells scooters.

Even though the variety of products Honda motorcycle dealers ell each year continue to grow yet the quality of there products remains topnotch. All of there motorcycles include a one year unlimited mileage warranty. Many new riders start of on a motorcycle such as the Honda Rebel and when they decide to upgrade go with Honda again. Honda has proven customer loyalty and for good reason. They build kick butt bikes at awesome prices. Image Credit: (Flickr/Mini D)