The Honda Rebel is a very popular motorcycle for new motorcycle riders as well as short riders. The Honda Rebel has proven to be a very reliable mode of transportation for entry level motorcycle riders all over the Country. As great of a bike as the Honda Rebel is the Suzuki TU250 has emerged as a contender for the same entry level riders as well as those riders simply looking for a reliable and cheap way to commute to work and around town.

Here we will break down both motorcycles to see which one comes out the winner.

Suzuki TU250 Classic Motorcycle StylingCost

The Honda Rebel pricing starts at $3,999 and the Suzuki YU250 pricing starts at $3,799. Cost is not the only thing to look at on a motorcycle but for many people the low cost of a motorcycle is very important. The Suzuki TU250 wins the price category for being $200 less.


The Honda Rebel uses a 234cc air cooled parallel Twin Cylinder engine. The Suzuki TU250 uses a 249cc 4 stroke Single cylinder air cooled engine. Both of these engines have proven to be extremely reliable. Honda motors have a better reputation then the Suzuki but in real riding conditions the reliability of the Suzuki engine has proven to be just as reliable as the Honda engine if not better. The engine size is larger on the Suzuki TU250 so considering that the engines are just as reliable the winner of the engine category is awarded to the Suzuki TU250.

Honda Rebel MotorcycleStyling

The styling is a matter of choice. If you like the traditional look of a cruiser then you may prefer the Honda Rebel. It has classic cruiser styling in a smaller package. If you like classic looks of bikes from the 1970's or you are tired of all bikes looking either likeHarleys or Harley wannabes then the Suzuki TU250 will be what you choose from a styling standpoint.

Since the styling is personal preference the styling category is a tie.



Both motorcycles come with a 12 month warranty. Certain Honda dealers are only interested in selling the Honda Rebel has motorcycle for entry level riders. They do not really care about the Honda Rebel except as a way to eventually up sell the rider to a more expensive bike. With this in mind the Suzuki TU250 wins. The problem though is with certain Honda dealers and not the actual Honda motorcycle. With this in mind the winner of the warranty category is awarded to both. It is another tie.

Tall Riders

If you are a tall rider you will find the Honda Rebel to be cramped. You can make some adjustments to the motorcycle to allow for easier and more comfortable riding but it will always feel like a small bike if you are a tall rider. The Suzuki TU250 has a more upright riding position. A tall rider will be able to feel a lot more comfortable on the TU250 but you may still feel cramped. The upright position and riding height makes the TU250 the winner in the category for tall riders.

Fuel Mileage

Fuel mileage can vary depending on how you ride the bike but based on EPA estimates the Honda Rebel gets around 60 mpg vs 82 mpg for the Suzuki TU250. The winner by a long shot in the fuel mileage category is the Suzuki TU250.

Fuel Capacity

The Suzuki TU250 fuel tank holds 3.2 gallons and the Honda Rebel fuel tanks holds 2.6 gallons with a reserve of 0.7 gallons of gas for a total of 3.3 gallons. The fuel capacity of a Honda Rebel is 0.1 gallons larger but the Suzuki TU250 will still go a greater distance then the Honda Rebel because the TU250 gets much better gas mileage then the Honda Rebel. Even though the tank is slightly lager on a Honda Rebel we will still call the fuel capacity a tie. Sure the Honda Rebel holds a miniscule amount of gas more than the TU250 but the TU250 will get at least 60 miles farther then the Honda Rebel in between fuel stops.

Fuel System

The Suzuki TU250 is fuel injected and the Honda Rebel is the traditional carburetor. Most people prefer fuel injection but some old school mechanics swear that fuel injected systems are complicated to work on. We give the nod to technology and award the Suzuki TU250 the point for the fuel system category.

With the fuel injection the Suzuki TU250 will run much better when it is cold outside. The fuel injection will cause the motorcycle engine to run much better than the Honda Rebel. The Honda Rebel works fine in cold weather but will take a little bit longer to warm up as compared to the TU250.

The Suzuki TU250 earns five points. The Honda Rebel earns 0 points, and there were three tied categories.

It does not matter to which motorcycle you choose. The Honda Rebel and the Suzuki TU250 have both proven to be very reliable motorcycles. If you like the traditional cruiser style then you might as well buy a Honda Rebel. If you like classic styling or at least dislike the the little cruisers that pretend to be bigger then they are the Suzuki TU250 is the choice for you.

Suzuki has been making the TU250 and extremely great bargain for what you pay. The Honda Rebel is still an excellent choice but the quality of the Honda Rebel does not compare to the care that Suzuki has put into there TU250.

The best way to figure out which of these two motorcycles is for you is too visit the Honda and Kawasaki dealers. Sit on both bikes and see which one fits better. Talk to both sealers and see if they are friendly. If one dealer is rude and the other treats you as if you are buying a $10,000 motorcycle then that should also be a factor in your decision. Regardless of which motorcycle you decide on negotiate with the dealers. If you decide you want to buy a Kawasaki TU250 then tell the Kawasaki dealer that you think you will buy the Honda Rebel. The Kawasaki dealer will usually go out of his way to get you a better deal or throw in some stuff for free. The same goes for if you decide you want a Honda Rebel. Tell the Honda dealer you think you are going to buy a Kawasaki TU250 because it is cheaper and a better deal and there is a good chance the Honda dealer will either lower his price or at least throw in some free gear such as a helmet to make it worth your time.

The Honda Rebel and the Suzuki TU250 are both great motorcycles but the Suzuki TU250 stands above the Honda Rebel as the best motorcycle value for the money. The only reason you should buy the Honda Rebel is for the styling. If you like traditional cruisers than the Honda Rebel will be your choice. The Suzuki TU250 is by far the winner. Image Credits: (Flickr/IZIK) Wikipedia