EF2000iS Vs EU2000i

Which is Better the Yamaha or Honda 2000 Generators?

Are you trying to decide on investing in either a Yamaha or Honda generator? Well, you have come to the right place for a complete breakdown. Specifically though we will be comparing the two 2000 watts generators -- being the Yamaha EF2000iS Vs Honda EU2000i.

Now before we start, let me just say both are top quality models (and I agree with one user "vermilye" on an RV forum it is similar to comparing "Ford with Chevy") & that really isn't 'that' much in them, this being said -- there is a difference between them and there is one that I prefer over the other.

Now let's get straight to a summary comparison table of official specs between the Honda and Yamaha generator (please see references for information sources).

  Yamaha EF2000iS Honda EU2000i
Price* $980 $1000 plus
AC Output (max) 2000 W, 16.7 A 2000 W, 16.7 A
AC Output (rated) 1600 W, 13.3 A 1600 W, 13.3 A
Noise Level** 51.5  53
Dimensions 19.3" x 17.9" x 11" 20.1" x 11.4" x 16.7"
Weight 44.1 lb 46.3 lbs
Fuel Tank 1.1 gallons 0.95 gallons
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years
Displacement 79cc 98.5cc
Engine "OHV, air-cooled" Honda GX100
Efficiency*** 10.5 Hrs 9.6 Hrs
Type Inverter Inverter
Volts 120 V 120 V
Rating 94% 88%

Brief Summary of Differences

So obviously they both offer you the same 'peak power' on both equal output both when running at their max load and continuous state. However, we can soon see when comparing their primary specs and features of the generators -- there are a few subtle differences that occur & a few points to note with the table.

  • Ergonomic Use & Design 
  • Noise Levels Produced
  • General Features & Aspects
  • Fuel Tank Efficiency
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Overall Customer Rating
  • Durability

Noise Test - Which is Quieter the Yamaha or Honda?

Both generators (compared to other models from other brands) are actually very quiet, they both have specialized sound dampening technology -- the Yamaha generator with a super quiet muffer with USFS approved spark arrestor and smooth running engine that "produces less noise than a normal conversation".

Between the two though, this is what tends to happen when running on a lower load, the Yamaha generator edges the Honda in being slightly quieter (which is the results you can see above on the table). However, when you start to increase the load and most notably on the max setting, the Yamaha becomes a little louder than the EU2000i. Generally speaking though, the Honda generators are quieter than the Yam ones.

Summary Conclusion on the Yamaha Generator

Ergonomic Use and Design (Weight, Dimensions etc.)

Well as we can see when we refer to the specs table above, the Yamaha generator is both slightly lighter (by 2.2 lbs) as well as overall being slightly more compact in size. Moreover, as you can see it features a better handling & carrying design than the Honda generator in my book -- giving it that edge in being a bit more portable.

Therefore, perhaps making itself a bit more ideal for when it comes to those who are wanting to use it on a boat or RV.Then again this factor doesn't really matter if all you plan on using the inverter generator for just your fridge, coffee pot or TV. Just a factor to consider.

Honda EU2000i Video Review

General Features & Information Comparison

Yamaha GeneratorCredit: amazon.com/yamahaAlthough the Amazon website has the Yamaha EF2000iS listed as a two year warranty it is actually thee years just like the Honda. You will also have noticed there is a difference in displacement between the two as well as the efficiency rating of how long they can run for from one gallon (both running constant at a quarter load) -- roughly speaking the Yamaha model can run for an extra hour. 

This is due to the fact the Yamaha has undertaken high quality efficiency mechanisms within the generator and therefore produce "cleaner electricity". The Yam also comes with a fuel shutoff valve which the Honda generator doesn't as well as a fuel gauge and other controls on the panel.

Yamaha EF2000is Video Review

Which is Better the Yamaha or Honda Generator?

For me, I would go with the Yam. Like the fellow below I agree that the two largest factors you need to consider for when it comes to buying a generator is your i) budget and ii) how much power you need. Hence, considering the Yamaha is usually a fair bit cheaper than the Honda I would go with that pretty much everytime, plus as mentioned above I like a lot of the additional edges mentioned above that the EF2000iS offers over the EU2000i. 

This being said, if the Honda EU2000i was cheaper I would probably go for that instead. So basically whichever you get the best deal on with regards to price, that would be the model I'd go for. If they were both $1000 though, the Yamaha slightly edges it for me. In all, both are great units and practically mirror images with regards to performance.

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Yamaha Vs Honda Generator ComparisonCredit: amazon.com/Yamaha

Which generator will you go for the Honda or Yamaha? Please let me know what you have chosen below and why in the comments section (I do actually really want to know). Moreover, if you think that you have any concerns, queries or just general remakrs with the comparison of the EU2000i and EF2000is or about either generator specifically then please do feel free to make them in the comments just below & I will get back to you with the best answer I can, as soon as possible.

Note: also both generators are CARB compliant.