-7lbs Pork butt (depands how many people to serve)
- 5 teaspoons Chinese five-spice powder is a mix of five spices:Pepper, Cloves, Star Anis, Cinnamon and Fennel.
- 1/4Light Soy sauce
- 5 teaspoons Red food coloring
- 1/4Rice wine
- 1/4Cooking oil
- 3 teaspoons Salt and White pepper

- Honey glazing

STEP 1 Mix light soy sauce,rice wine,cooking oil, red food coloring, chinese five spice powder, salt and white pepper this sauce will look deep red and shining. Now marinate these pork butt about few hours

STEP 2 Remember use smoking to cook these pork butt unitl it is turn well done and put several layers honey glazing on the top.

This honey glazing is intended for Cantonese barbecue style.