Honey straws are a very versatile treat that can be used for a wide variety of fun things. Also called honey sticks and honey stix, these compact sweets make wonderful wedding favors, natural snacks for children, and can be used as an easily packed source of energy when hiking or camping.

Many people are not even aware of honey straws, which is a shame because it is an all natural snack. They are made by filling straws (normally biodegradable) with delicious honey and then heat sealing the ends. This makes for a highly transportable, long lasting, and inexpensive treat. These characteristics are the reasons that so many people find creative uses for them once they do discover them.

Honey Wedding Favor

Honey Straws

Honey sticks make great wedding favors, especially if you are already using small jars of personalized honey. Honey stix can be used in conjunction with these jars to provide any children present at the wedding with there own personal gift. The straws come in a range of colors so it is possible to coordinate them with table settings. They can also be tied up in small bundles with ribbon or lace. No dangerous glass to worry about and the kids will enjoy the sweet flavor. The cost is minimal. Lots of 100 honey straws can be purchased for less than $20. This item is incredibly affordable and ranks with wedding favor matches as one of the cheapest alternatives. Like bird seed wedding favors this is also an environmentally friendly wedding favor especially when biodegradable straws are chosen. Guests will appreciate having a honey wedding favor to enjoy at home.

Honey Snacks for Kids

Kids love honey stix as a snack, especially the flavored varieties. Many companies offer cinnamon, caramel, lemon, orange, strawberry and even chocolate infused honey. Honey sticks can be purchased as an assorted lot of flavors, too, which will give even the choosiest kid a flavor to enjoy. They can just bite off the ends and enjoy they all natural honey inside. They also make great snacks for adults. Honey straws packaged with teas, coffee or even oatmeal will make a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list. Send someone you love some sweetness.

Honey Straws for Camping

Outdoor enthusiasts were some of the first people to recognize the value of honey straws as cheap, portable sources of energy. They are lightweight and easily carried and have a long shelf life. It is a super way to get a quick boost of energy when needed on the trail. Self contained and waterproof, they hold up well under normal hiking and camping conditions. The biodegradable straws will not harm the environment if they happen to be dropped or lost in the woods. Because they are individually sealed there is no worry about bugs getting into your snack either.

No matter what the use you find for honey straws, these small packets of sweet goodness will be sure to please. They are available locally at better grocers and can easily be ordered online at Amazon or other retailers. For weddings, snacks, hiking, camping, gifts, stocking stuffers or just rewarding good behavior the versatile honey straw is an affordable alternative to sugary snacks filled with high fructose corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners. Who knows what creative use you will discover for these high-energy sweet treats!