A honey wedding favor is a great way to celebrate your marriage in a sweet, environmentally conscious way! The traditional wedding favors of rice or birdseed may be fine, but a small jar of honey as wedding favor is a smart choice. Weddings are ridiculously expensive these days and the battle between price and style is never ending. This is a battle you can win!

Early civilizations have long associated honey has long been associated with fertility, beauty, love and health. This makes honey a natural choice to incorporate into your ceremony. Finding a wedding favor to please everyone is difficult, but honey is always welcomed. For tea drinkers it is wonderful and other guests will find it useful for cooking or as a spread. It is kosher and long lasting and each time one of your friends uses the jar it will remind them of your special day.

Honey Wedding Favor

It is easy to order honey wedding favors. If no shop locally is selling them, you can order honey wedding favors at a number of online retailers including Amazon. Labels can be personalized with the bride and grooms' names and the date of the wedding. An inscription is fun, too. A popular choice is "Meant to Bee". How true! Many suppliers also offer custom graphics. Because there is no risk of spoilage, a honey wedding favor can be ordered well in advance. The piece of mind in completing a wedding task ahead of time is just an added bonus. Each favor comes custom packed in a small resealable jar. They can be further customized and personalized by attaching a small note or a fancy piece of ribbon.

For a more exotic honey wedding favor you can shop for those that have been infused with other flavors. The sky is practically the limit! Many suppliers offer chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, orange and cinnamon flavors. The price difference versus traditional clover honey is usually negligible.

Shop around for the best deals! The best way to pick a honey wedding favor is with a combination of order quantity and price. Most orders will have to be a minimum of 25 jars. Some companies have upped this to as high as 50 jars. Ask if there are bulk rates if you have an exceptionally large wedding planned. The cost per jar will generally start at $2 and rise from there. For a personalized wedding favor, this is very inexpensive. The low cost allows you to use these in conjunction with other favors like designer rice or wedding favor matches, too.

Along with a honey wedding favor order, it is wise to purchase some honey straws, honey sticks or honey stix. Children at weddings love their own special treats and this is a clever way to include them in the celebration. Again, honey straws are very inexpensive and also are available in a wide range of flavor. Honey makes a cheap wedding favor, but no one has to know how cheap! They can even be assembled at home buy pouring honey into shot glass wedding favors.

Amidst all your wedding day planning and jitters, spend time thinking about the use of a honey wedding favor to remind your family and friends about your special day. Customizable and affordable, these small gifts are big on smiles and memories. Your love was meant to be and you can tell everyone that it was "Meant to Bee" with a sweet gift of all natural honey!