Honeybell oranges are the king of juice oranges. When people talk about fresh Honeybell orange juice, they mean freshly squeezed by an orange juicer and not the cartons of orange juice you see on the grocery store shelves. Because the Honeybell orange crop comes into harvest only once a year, people take advantage of the harvest by juicing their Honeybells and making delicious marmalades, salads, and citrus fruit marinades.

People who use a juicer machine have found the secret to getting the most nutrition from their oranges and citrus fruits. Even though there is nothing wrong with orange juice that has been processed and packed into cartons, it isn't the freshest alternative for several reasons.

Commercially Processed Orange Juice Loses Vital Nutrients

Orange juice manufacturers have no choice but to use pasteurization methods after the orange crops are harvested and juiced by industrial juicers. This process is what gives carton orange juice a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, this method also destroys many of the vital nutrients that raw, fresh juice contains.

Orange companies offer juice that has been pasteurized "gently" which means they understand exactly what happens to juice when heat is added to fresh juice in the hopes of killing off bacteria and purifying the liquid. It is during this process that many wonderful, life-enhancing nutrients are lost.

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Consume Raw Juice With Living Enzymes For Maximum Energy

Buying cartons of orange juice at the grocery store isn't the worst thing you could do. At least you are getting some benefit from the Vitamin C. The problem with pasteurization is that the living enzymes in raw food juices are killed during this process. It is those living enzymes that maximize your health in a big way.

Look at Jack LaLane. This man is in his 90's and has the high energy of a teenager. Jack Lalane drinks raw juice full of living enzymes. Those living enzymes have miracle properties that fill a person with youthfulness, vigor, and energy to spare.

Therefore, if you make orange juice at home by freshly squeezing it with your juicer, then you can be certain that the juice is safe and contains all the nutrients that your body requires. Honeybell oranges are considered the juiciest oranges on the planet. You could probably get half a glass of fresh juice from one large Honeybell alone. Making a large, family-sized amount of fresh Honeybell orange juice is much easier when you use a juicer.

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The Great Health Benefits Of Real, Fresh Orange Juice

There are many wonderful health benefits that come with drinking fresh orange juice vs. commercially processed juice. If you are not in the habit of drinking fresh orange juice straight from an orange juicer, the following reasons might inspire you to make it a new habit:

  • Because the human body cannot store Vitamin C, drinking fresh orange juice everyday supplies you with the daily requirements that your body needs
  • Real, unprocessed fruit juice contains vital nutrients that can protect the body's cells from the harmful effects of free radicals
  • Regular orange juice drinkers have been shown to have lower levels of cholesterol and lowered blood pressure
  • Orange juice contains healing properties and for this reason is made into skincare products, creams, and added to natural herbal remedies
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Are you thirsty yet? Take some bright, beautiful Honeybell oranges and extract the juice with the help of an orange juicer. In just a few minutes, you can be drinking a glass of delicious, freshly made orange juice full of amazing health benefits. Look for Honeybell's during the months of December and January. Happy juicing!

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