A Few Important Facts on Honeycomb Android

One of the OS options from Google that has made significant news recently is the Honeycomb Android. It is proposed as the OS for devices with a larger display like the tablets. Honeycomb Android looks a lot different than the traditional Android interface but shares quite some resemblance with BumpTop, desktop software that was taken over by Google just a few months prior to the launch of the Honeycomb. Other than the difference in the resemblance, there are quite a few other facts that make this OS interesting and functionally superior.

Honeycomb was initially designed for the bigger portable devices like the tablets but it is believed that in the long term the path of the Honeycomb Android would take it on smart phones making it a widely usable option. It is one of the OS that is quite comprehensive and complete as compared to most software which have a lot of revisions required before they are in the market. You can expect some minor tweaks in the OS however it is quite complete on the whole.

The notifications bar is well planned, your existing work is not disturbed and you can continue with all work when you are notified of something with your Honeycomb Android powered tablet. As compared to this the Apple iPad notification system is not that great, it is known to hinder the user experience. Most users have also found that the Honeycomb Android OS is a lot better to multitask and navigate through as compared to the iPad OS.

With the Honeycomb Android OS supporting a camera at the front and back it also has an upper hand over the iPad which is expected to be able to support a single camera with its second version. Moreover the Android OS also supports Flash which means that most of the web videos will be accessible. You can also have multiple home screens which ensures that irrespective of the size of the screen of the tablet, you can have a lot of widgets on your home screen.

The Motorola Xoom was the first device with Honeycomb Android and its performance has been highly appreciated. It has gone on to break the myth that Apple’s iPad is the sole market dominator. With an OS from Android, things will definitely change fast and a lot of other tablets using this OS will be able to make a mark with the customers.

Another factor that will work well with users who have been using the Android based phones is that they can get a lot of compatible apps from the Android marketplace. With a lot of  Google products widely used, the Honeycomb Android  will add to the addiction that users have for products and services from the company. While there is a lot of speculation about the impact of this OS on the tablet market, you can be sure that there will definitely be a lot of good changes that will come along.