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It is often a hard choice for some couples to pick the first place they’ll travel together as a married couple. There are a lot of factors that couples should consider when deciding on where to spend their honeymoon. Do you want to spend your time lounging on beaches? Or do you prefer sightseeing different tourist spots? Whatever it might be, you can surely find it in India. The country has now become a popular honeymoon spot due to its affordability, tranquil beaches, relaxing mountain hideaways, wild jungle, and other exotic places. So to help you decide, we have come up with the top honeymoon places in India for you and your partner to choose from.


Kerala has always been one of the best places for honeymooners because of its natural beauty, amazing beaches, and majestic mountain views. It is named as one of the 10 Paradises of the World, and any tourist can testify to that. Here, you’ll find beautiful temples and monuments, as well as amazing waterfalls like Vazhachal, Athirapally, and Palaruvi. You can also rent a houseboat in the Kumarakom Lagoon for a more private getaway.

Best time to visit: October – March

KeralaCredit: Tornado_Twister via Flickr


No top honeymoon destination list would be complete without having Goa in it. Goa is one of the most visited spots in India due to its beautiful romantic beaches, extreme water sports, and Portuguese influence. If you and your partner enjoys clubbing and partying, this is the ideal honeymoon place for you. Both of you can also indulge shopping from flea markets at the beach, where you are guaranteed extreme bargain buys.

Best time to visit: October – May

GoaCredit: Dan Searle via Flickr


Located at the top of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is popular for its deep valleys and snow-capped mountain peaks. You can go hiking, skiing, trekking, river rafting, and a lot more outdoor activities that will surely impress any adventure enthusiasts. If both of you are athletic, and love adventure sports, Manali is definitely the best option for you. You can also visit other places nearby like Hidimba Devi Temple, Solang Valley, Naggar Fort, and Rahla Waterfalls.

Best time to visit: October – February

ManaliCredit: Parthiv Haldipur via Flickr


Another favorite spot in India, Darjeeling is also situated on top of the mountains. Couples can enjoy connecting with nature by visiting tea gardens here, as well as trekking to the Himalayas beginning from Gangtok. There are also other fun places to visit like the Tiger Hills, Rock Garden, and Batasia Loop. The place is also famous for its Himalayan Railway, or the “toy train”. Take your partner to the city, and see the picturesque view of Darjeeling during sunrise.

Best time to visit: September – January

DarjeelingCredit: Daniel Peckham


If you are in India, you should definitely go and pay homage to the most romantic place there is, Agra. Visiting the Taj Mahal monument might be a great way to start your married life, as you’ll see the token of love of the world’s most romantic couple. The beautiful white marble structure will surely take your breath away. You can also go to other monuments like Akbar’s Tomb, Itmad-d-Daulah’s Tomb, Agra Fort, and Ka-Rauza while in Agra.

Best time to visit: October – March

AgraCredit: Nimrod Bar

India is a large country that offers thousands of places that honeymooners will enjoy for sure. Whether you go to crowded cities or secluded beaches, what matters most is that you are with the one you want to spend your life with. Happy Honeymoon!

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