Honeywell Generator

Honeywell gas powered inverter generator.

Honeywell Portable generators are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet the needs of campers, and tailgaters everywhere. Honeywell generators can be used for virtually any task that a portable power supply would be needed for short periods of time. These generators can be used for a variety of tasks. You can even have your generator connected to your house by a registered electrician as a stand-by power source in case of a power outage. These particular models are best suited for recreational use. Honeywell generators are powered by regular unleaded gas with at least 85 octane. High quality 10W-30 engine oil should be used in your Honeywell inverter. Each of the following Honeywell models are lightweight and portable.


The Honeywell (model #6064 800) 800 watt portable gas powered inverter generator is lightweight, weighing in at just under 30 pounds. This generator is quiet and fuel efficient with a run time of about three and half hours. The uses of this generator range from supplying the power needs of a camping trip or other out door set up were there is no access to electricity or other power supply. The Honeywell 6064 is able to supply power to virtually any appliance or device that you would normally plug into a wall socket. This unit comes with a bottle of engine oil, a tool kit, and a funnel. The price of this unit is less than $400 at most major retailers.



If you need a generator with more wattage and longer run time than the Honeywell 6064 then the next logical step would be to look into purchasing the Honeywell 6065 (Model #6065 1600). This generator is able to operate at a maximum 1650 continuously and still operates quietly. The run time of this gas powered inverter is nearly 5 hours and 50% capacity. Because this unit is more powerful than the Honeywell 6064 it is also slightly larger and heavier, weighing in at 50 pounds. This model comes with the standard tool kit and first oil supply and is available for just over $500.



Lastly, a larger, more powerful option is the Honeywell 2,000 watt portable inverter generator. This generator has a four and a half hour run time at fifty percent capacity. This unit weighs in at 50 pounds, the same weight as the less powerful Honeywell 6065 model. Like the other models this unit has exclusive EcoMode which saves fuel and reduces noise by making sure engine speed matches the demand for wattage. Like other Honeywell generators this unit comes with the first supply of oil and a tool kit. The Honeywell 6066 2,000 watt inverter costs just under $600.



Honeywell portable generators are ideal for recreational use. When it is necessary to have a source of power when you’re outside in the great outdoors a Honeywell generator is a convenient and portable option. Honeywell makes several inverters to power appliances and electronic equipment and gadgets. Wattage c harts are available to help you determine which size generator is suitable for your needs. Honeywell