A humidifier is basically a device that provides humidity to the house. This is a must if the air within the house becomes dry. Dry air can have an adverse effect on the inmates as well as the inanimate objects of the house. Wooden doors may crack up and people might suffer from allergies and rashes. Hence, a humidifier makes sense. These devices are available in many different shapes and sizes and one can choose from small, large, medium and portable. It maintains the humidity level of the house and makes it a healthy place.

Honeywell Humidifiers

Honeywell humidifiers are today synonymous with quality and satisfaction. Though Honeywell started off by manufacturing thermostats, heaters, and cluster bombs, today, their name is synonymous with humidifiers. This is, in fact, one of the best humidifier brands available in the market today. They have a range of such devices and this itself ensures that one can find what they are looking for from this brand itself.

Honeywell Steam Humidifier

The Honeywell steam humidifier is different from their other humidifiers. It is true that all portable devices use steam, but usually a moisture panel is used to provide the required humidity. Honeywell's steam humidifiers are a self-contained unit. They are not dependant on the heating and air conditioning unit of the house. It should be mentioned here that this is one of the best, most reliable, efficient and eco-friendly way of making dry air moist.

Types of Honeywell Steam Humidifier

The HE420A, HE440A and the TrueSteam are a few of the steam models made by Honeywell. TrueSteam is a newer upgraded product and it boasts of a lower water consumption. It also has a greater control and comes with a five year warranty. It should be kept in mind that some model might use more water than the others. So, it is prudent to keep this in mind while making a decision.


Honeywell's steam humidifiers are more expensive than their other models. They are available at around $700-$800. Although this is a significant price for most families, steam humidifiers are some of the best options available.

Making the Right Choice

Since the steam models are more expensive, one should choose with care. If the budget allows than this is the best bet. Otherwise, one can choose from any of the other models on offer. But the choice depends on personal preference and budget of an individual. Once the budget is decided on, a visit to the market for a survey is recommended. It is best to know exactly what one wants. Having an idea of the required features is helpful. And, knowing exactly what one wants is a big help. With so many models available today, if some homework is done in advance, it will make the actual purchase a simple affair.


These are easily available in the market. One can visit Honeywell.com to make an online purchase. Amazon.com also stores Honeywell humidifiers. Alternatively, one can visit the local market and check out the deals offered by retailers.