Hong Kong Disneyland is the latest Disney park to unveil. It is Hong Kong's second theme park, ranking side by side with Ocean Park. Although Hong Kong Disneyland is not as large as the USA's, they still have some pretty great rides and attractions which makes it one of my favorite disneylands to visit!

If you have moody teenagers who don't want to take their little brother or sister to disneyland, read this article for more advice.

Ticket Prices:
If you know how to get tickets in the right hk disneylandway, tickets can come at a bargain! First you should check out the website for any great deals or offers, as Hong Kong is packed full of quality bargains. If you buy a disneyland frequent visitor card, you can visit as many times as you like over the holidays without paying more for the tickets. If you book tickets in advance for special holidays like Christmas, you can also get big discounts.

Do you know how to be a Hong Kong tourist? You should!

Disneyland HK has plenty of rides particularly for young children. This is great, because why bring your children to a park with huge adult rollercoasters they can't even go on yet? Children aged 5-18 particularly love the space ride. I have to say that whoever designed that rollercoaster has truly outdone himself! It is one of my favorite rides to go on all time.
Apark maplso check out the numerous other rides such as the spinning teacups.

Did I forget to mention the Disneyland Train? Connected to the MTR and delivering you straight from the airport or city centre to Disneyland, the train has mickey mouse windows and a cool atmosphere inside. It truly is an experience to arrive at this theme park without having to worry about parking or travelling.

Feng shui design;

Hong Kong prides itself in making sure all architecture is auspicious and with good feng shui. That is why when you walk around Disneyland you can feel a great sense of space and flow of energy. There is less crowd blockage and more space to spend time with your friends and family.

You get to visit Hong Kong AND have Disneyland on your doorstep.
It's easy to reach
It's fabulous for children
It makes a change from the bigger more commercial Disneylands

Less rides for adults
New area's still under construction

Should you go?

Absolutely. Hong Kong has a great balance of activities for families to do, so when you visit HK Disneyland, you are also visiting one of the best islands in the world. Hong Kong!