Hoodia supplements have generated buzz among American population for claims that Hoodia can suppress appetite. This way, becoming slimmer is easier for overweight individuals. CBS News' 60 minutes released an investigative documentary in 2004 citing the effectiveness of the pure herbal intake to suppress appetite of journalist Lesley Stahl. The documentary along with the testimonies of those who have tried Hoodia and laboratory tests increased awareness and demand of the supplement.

Due to its popularity, manipulative businessmen sell fake products and release paid Hoodia reviews. These dirty tactics have managed to trick consumers. Avoid being one of these victims and remember the pointers that we will enumerate in this article.

Not all Hoodia plant varieties suppress appetite. There are 13 species of this plant and Hoodia Gordonii, a native of South Africa and Namibia, is the only variety proven to support weight loss. If Hoodia reviews mention other varieties or just mention Hoodia Gordonii extract on the product's label, do not purchase it. Effective supplement contain pure Hoodia Gordonii and not just synthesized extracts.

There are companies that claim to manufacture synthetic equivalent of Hoodia Gordonii. Do not buy these products. The synthetic ones do not possess the appetite suppression abilities of the natural plant.

Keep an eye on the product certification mentioned in Hoodia reviews. Hoodia species used for the product are rare and can only be bought in South Africa and Namibia. The government imposes law to ask for CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certification for the import of the plant. If the company can't show this certificate, the product might be illegal or it doesn't really contain required supplement ingredient.

Aside from the CITES certification, Hoodia reviews should also present USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certification. This certification is required to have a permit from this department for businessmen to import products containing this plant. A legal business offers the genuine products all the time.

To make sure that the Hoodia reviews are genuine, find those that are documented by independent laboratories that you are sure would produce unbiased results. Independent labs that conduct these kinds of test include Advanced Laboratories, Inc., Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, Chromadex Labs, and University of Mississippi Labs. These laboratories know the standards set by the AHPA (American Herbal Products Association) for the proper amount of Hoodia contained in each supplement.

Independent labs are not funded by the herbal companies assuring the public that the test results are the truth. These labs were the ones that exposed that half of the companies that claim their health supplements contain Hoodia do not have even one trace of the plant in the finished product.

It is important that as a consumer, you scrutinize the products you wish to purchase in the market. It is easy to pick the cheapest and most accessible health products in the market finding out later that those products are fake. You end up wasting your money and experience no decrease in your weight.