Anybody who goes bowling either only on random occasion or with great frequency eventually wants to learn how to hook a bowling ball. The reasoning behind this is because a bowling ball traveling down lanes is more apt to strike than a bowling ball going straight. A bowling ball hooking into the pocket is less likely to deflect off of the pins and more likely to knock more ins down.

Additionally bowling lanes are conditioned with oil. The bowling lane oil is applied to the surface of the lane for two reasons. It is there to protect the lanes from wear and tear but also to manipulate the ball movement. The pattern that the oil is applied can either make scoring higher for players who hook the bowling ball or lower. If you want to score higher games then learning to hook a bowling ball is necessary to take advantage of the oil pattern applied to the lane.

A typical house shot is the easiest of all oil patterns. This oil pattern is laid down to protect the lanes and to make scoring higher for the average house bowler. When these bowlers hook the bowling ball as it goes down the lane no matter where they throw it on the lane it is more likely to hit the middle of the pins because more oil is placed in the center of the lane and less is placed near the gutters. This causes a funnel reaction to balls which curve down the lane. They all are funneled to the middle of the lane.

Straight bowlers cannot take advantage of this funnel action because they do not curve. Because they do not curve they do not react to different patterns of oil. The straighter your ball hooks, in fact, the less it will react to the oil and generally the lower your scores will be.

If you want to learn to hook a bowling ball to have higher scores when you go bowling you will have to learn the basics first and then practice a lot. Just like anything with enough practice the motion become second nature and eventually it will be tough for you to bowl without hooking the ball. Most bowling centers have a pro on staff or a certified bowling coach that is available. If not bowling center proprietors will surely be able to point you in the right direction. If however you choose to learn to throw a bowling ball and make it hook on your own there are plenty of materials on line to give you guidance. Good luck and have fun. That is the most important thing after all.