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Hookdiggy is an up-and-coming newcomer currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia to the hip-hop/rap music scene, and he is striking with quite a vengence. In some strange way, he blends the old school work ethic and sounds of hip-hop with modern accessibility often found on the radio by artists like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. While I not exactly be the hip-hop enthusiast myself, at least in terms of mainstream acts, I can spot a good artist and thoroughly enjoy the music just like any other style. Pure and simple, music is an artistic expression, and musicians who keep this in mind really deserve anyones respect. Hookdiggy's single "Good Music" really explores this theme both lyrically and through the construction of this "good" song.

While the song is musically very good and accessible, it is the aforementioned thematic elements that leave a lasting imprint on the listener. Hookdiggy tackles topics heavily related to the music industry, poor musicianship (over-producing songs, Auto-Tune), and the simple request this piece of music is asking for is for incoming musicians to "make good music" instead of just selling out to the stereotypes of the genre. So many people are turned off to hip-hop and similar styles of music because, at least in the mainstream, every song is essentially the same and deals with the same topics, in similar ways no less. As all should know, hip-hop is primarily a rhythmic based style of music; and one used throughout the years to express true feelings and emotions. To see mainstream artists get by without exploring the reality of our world, their own feelings, and so on is just unfortunate and detrimental to the artistic style. Like Hookdiggy, I hope more artists will be able to examine the reality of the world around us; and try to deny access to mediocre music fed to us by the mainstream.


So what is reviewing a song without analyzing the sound and quality? On the whole, I really enjoyed "Good Music." It has a very strong beat steadily pulsing throughout the song, and fortunately Hookdiggy has taken advantage of using a variety of different dynamic switches with other instruments on this song; keeping the relatively unchanging beat very interesting. As one would expect from hip-hop, some old-school 70's/80's styled synths are incorporated very effectively. There is an underlying melody frequently found in some verse sections which has the sound of a synthetic trumpet, which is a very interesting choice and not one frequently chosen by more modern musicians. It works very effectively with Hookdiggy's voice and adds this sort of ethnic and strange tonality to the piece that was very much needed, yet subtle enough that it is not overdone.

The only notable flaw that I came across while listening to this track was the sort of excessive repetition of the choral section. This is more of a subjective issue though, but I felt it was necessary to point out. However, with that said, I cannot help but envision this repetition as invoking people in a club or attending a rave jumping up and down and shouting "Make Good Music" out loud; essentially droning along with Hookdiggy himself.


The lyrical content and the vocals were really the standout elements of this track for me. The rhythm in Hookdiggy's voice is very catchy, and he sounds like he belongs amongst the high ranking hip-hop artists in terms of his vocal style; which undoubtedly will make this single very appealing to many. Lyrically, he of course explores the thematic content previously discussed, with lyrics like "Remember back when the artists were right, tried to captivate your thoughts to mic, Now I gotta give a little gimmick and dance if I wanna sell a record or get close to a chance." Of course, reading this is not as inspiring as hearing it flowing out of his mouth; but you can get the picture of the lyrical content pretty easily by reading as well. I personally thought that verse lyric was very captivating myself, and a very accurate description of the way the music business currently is running itself.

Returning to the vocals, they are surprisingly diverse in how they are presented. The song begins with what is, more or less, spoken vocals sort of setting the scene for the track and the theme behind the song. We are then shown the fairly "standard" vocal style found in hip-hop during the verse section, with a major switch coming during the chorus when he sings "Make good music" in a sort of deeper, almost spoken or whispered style. This will undeniably make it easier for people in a club to really feel the dynamic switch in his voice, and even find themselves singing along with one another.


On the whole, I really enjoyed Hookdiggy's single "Good Music." There is not too much to say about the song that I have not already covered. It is one of those songs that you really need to hear to get into, as it is just that style of music. While reading a review may help you analyze the song, actually hearing it will let it become real for you; and you can be the ultimate judge of the tracks quality. Personally, I have spun this song at least 15 times in the past few days, which says a lot considering I do not generally listen to hip-hop outside of musicians like Jedi Mind Tricks. I enjoyed the thematic elements a whole lot, even more so because I am a musician myself trying to think outside of the norm. While this song undoubtedly condemns the way the music industry currently functions, it is on the whole very poppy and accessible to those current listeners. Fortunately, Hookdiggy is not coming packaged as something he is not. He is a musician and wants respect for making good music as opposed to anything else. 

I would highly recommend checking out Hookdiggy's song "Good Music." You can hear it at some of the following links, and them all out to get all of your latest Hookdiggy news and information!

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