A hookless fabric shower curtain is a great system for your shower.  If you are thinking of  updating your bathroom, and are sick of the unsightly looking broken hooks of your present one, then you should check out the hookless varieties on the market now.  As you can see by the pictures below, they have a different look to them.

I really like the fact that you can install these without having to take down the rod.  It just never seems to go back to the same spot it was before, or you have to get up there on that stool and make sure it is totally level. 

Every time I saw this ringless style, I assumed you had to take the rod down, and feed the it onto it, this is not the case.

If you have a rod already in the exact spot you like, but just the thought of purchasing a new one and then adding the new hooks to the setup were stopping you from getting a new one, then shop for hookless fabric shower curtains.

hookless shower curtainCredit: amazon.com



Hookless RBH40MY079 White Blue Cherry Bloom Shower Curtain with PEVA Liner
Amazon Price: $39.99 $24.70 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)

The above product includes a snap on liner to keep your fabric looking its best.  This styling does not use the traditional hooks that you have to feed through those tiny holes, but instead the fabric itself feeds onto the rail.

hookless shower curtainsCredit: amazon.com




Hookless RBH40MY408 Fabric Shower Curtain with Built in Liner -Grey
Amazon Price: $28.79 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)

 You can use fabric curtains for the outer more decorative curtain and then use a liner with the same hookless system or you can get quick drying fabric shower curtains if you just prefer the single style.

Hookless fabric shower curtainsCredit: amazon.com


Hookless RBH35MY044 Victorian Stripe Shower Curtain - Crystal Blue
Amazon Price: $24.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)

I find this style to look tasteful, and it gives you that extra bit of height to protect from water splashes getting out of the shower.  They slide across very easily, and they do not rip as easily as the older regular hook style.

Plus it seems that your choices in hooks were either metal (which tends to rust) or plastic which tend to fade, crack and break as they become more brittle with use.  If you have family members that are rough with a curtain, then considering a hookless fabric variety may be the better style for you.

hookless shower curtain with snap linerCredit: amazon.com

Hookless Shower Curtain with Snap Liner

Hookless RBH14HH12 Snap-In PEVA Liner for Shower Curtains
Amazon Price: $11.00 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)

If you just need the liner you can get a snap in one that will fit into your system so that you can still use a fabric outer curtain. 

I always hated dealing with the hooks and installing them for a new curtain.  They would be a pain to get over the rod, sometimes plastic ones would break on install, which is very frustrating, and you would miss getting a hook in one of the little holes you needed to punch out in the older styles.  Or even better, the metals ones rust, which is not nice either.

If you have a permanent curtain rod (that is imbedded in the tiles rather than a spring loaded one) they you may have thought you could not use this style of curtain, but that is not true.  These will fit right over a permanent shower curtain rod easily. 

You can get these hookless or also called ringless accessories at most home improvement stores, or decorating stores, or bathroom supply stores, but you can also get more variety by shopping online at such sites as Amazon.

I love shopping online even if it is only for ideas.  There are so many choices.  If you have a favourite store, see if they have a presence online.  It can be hard for a bricks and mortor store to carry a huge variety.  This way you are still loyal to your store, otherwise check sites like Amazon.  

This style of ringless shower curtain is built tough and a simple white one, will work well with most décor, but you can also get many different colours, styles and lengths.  If you have a tall shower area, you may need an extra long one, which you can find as well,  to keep bathroom clean up to a minimum.

So, if you are in the market for a new shower curtain, and just the thought of installing new hooks and poking them through the holes drives you nuts, then consider getting the hookless variety and get the sleek and modern lines you are looking for.