Hookless Shower Curtain

A hookless shower curtain, also called a ringless shower curtain, is a recent innovation from the more traditional hanging shower curtain. It gives a bathroom a more elegant feel that is normally not achieved by hanging shower curtains with mismatched rings and hooks, rendering the room unsightly.

Typically, ordinary shower curtains are made from vinyl, cloth, or plastic. It has two main purposes: to provide privacy and to prevent water from spilling beyond the shower area. Shower curtains are usually held up with railings or curtain rods, and the railings can be customized to suit one's taste in design.

Why use hookless shower curtains?

A lot of hotels are adopting the use of hookless shower curtains. In fact, most people find out about ringless shower curtains this way, and then pass the information on via word of mouth. It is now a popular alternative to hanging shower curtains, because aside the fact that it looks better, it is also easier to install and does not require constant replacing of broken hooks or rings.

Most individuals prefer the modern feel of a hookless shower curtain, on top of its relative convenience compared to a hanging shower curtain. It is considered more aesthetically pleasing, as the absence of hooks allows for a tidier feel. A hookless shower curtain, like an ordinary shower curtain, instead of sporting holes at the top of the material, can fold over itself and snap together to slide on a metal railing situated above the shower for that purpose. The material fastens over each other using magnets, Velcro, and even buttons.

The distinct difference is that a hanging shower curtain uses hooks or rings to attach itself to the railing, and constant use results in the hooks falling out or malfunctioning, causing wide gaps in the curtain and totally renders the curtain partially useless. You subsequently end up getting a new shower curtain, and if it is the kind with hooks, it will be just a couple of months before you do the same thing all over again.

A hookless shower curtain is considered a better alternative to hooks, as the pulling of a curtain creates a downward force on the hooks that predisposes it to early tearing. In the long run, a hookless shower curtain is the better choice in cost-effectivity.

Tips for choosing a hookless shower curtain

There are three common materials that shower curtains are made of: vinyl, cloth and plastic. Most homeowners prefer plastic or vinyl, as they are most waterproof. In choosing a good hookless shower curtain, the material does not need to be a specific kind. That depends entirely on your home needs and personal preference. Just ensure that the curtain is able to hold its own once installed over a shower rod. Check out the more expensive curtains and compare features with the curtains that are within your budget.

Various colors and styles are available for ringless shower curtains. The usual style is the curtain that folds over the railing and is fastened in place, though you might want to check out other less common styles. With regard to patterns and colors, try to visualize how your bathroom might look like in case you installed the curtain. You don't want it to be too overwhelming in a confined space, at the same time you wouldn't want it to be too dull and dreary.

Choosing a design plays a large part in the fun of picking out a shower curtain. Hardware stores offer a lot of variety, from pastel colors to standout patterns, to striped designs, and others. There are even more to choose from on the Internet, however you may have to spend more for additional shipping charges.

Where do I buy hookless shower curtains?

The hardware store is a good place to visit, but if what you're looking for isn't available, going on the Internet is the next best thing.

One example of a good quality shower curtain is the Mystery hookless fabric shower curtain. Waterproof and made of 100% 3D polyester, it utilizes magnets to fasten itself on the shower rod. Other classic looking curtains include the Pique Waffle Hookless Shower Curtain with Snap In, which you can find online on HotelsToYou, and sells for around $30. Depending on the quality of the material and special features and/or design, a hookless shower curtain sells for $30 to $60, though prices will vary. If a shower curtain sells for more than the average $60, check out possible add-ons that enhance its value and decide if the additional price is worth it. If not, an ordinary, but more affordable hookless shower curtain is preferred.