Some shower curtains get torn and need to be replaced because the rings or hooks tear through the very plastic that they are holding up. Next thing you know you are missing half of a shower curtain because it hangs uselessly by a handful of rings. There are now shower curtains that can make all of those hassles go away. Hookless shower curtains are made to be hung without any hooks or rings to get lost or tear the curtain, while offering everything that your old shower curtain did.

The designs and styles of hookless shower curtains are pretty much the same as those that you probably already have in your bathroom. No matter what your bathroom theme is, there is a shower current that will match. Solid colors work well with any bathroom and there are different designs as well that make perfect accents, just like the one you are using now. Hookless shower curtains can also be used on any kind of curtain rod and come in the exact size that you need.

Straight rods are most common in the standard bathroom, but curved curtain rods are made to go out slightly to make a little extra room in the shower. Hookless shower curtains can be used on either of these and still do exactly what they are supposed to do. The best part about hookless shower curtains is that they are simply more convenient than a standard shower curtain and can still be used in any bathroom.

Hookless shower curtains are made without the rings and hooks that are standard for shower curtains. They typically clip on to the shower curtain rod and then blend seamlessly to look like one piece or they can be slid on to the rod by removing it (the rod) and then putting it back up as one piece. Some people may find this method a little inconvenient at first but the extra effort pays off when the shower curtain or the rings that hold it do not have to be constantly replaced because of breaking or tearing.

The directions for hanging hookless shower curtains usually come in the package, but they can also be found online (sometimes even with video tutorials) for those that don’t. Even without directions, putting up a hookless shower curtain is just as easy as hanging any other curtain. Assembly is easy enough for anyone to do, and has the potential to last until you decide to change the bathroom décor.

Not having to be replaced constantly will save money in the long run, but to buy the initial hookless shower curtain for your bathroom usually costs about the same as one that takes hooks or rings. In some cases it may even cost less. Most standard shower curtains do not come with the hooks that they need to hang it with, meaning you have to spend more money to get the rest of the materials that you need.

Even more convenient is the fact that hookless shower curtains can be found anywhere that sells shower curtains – retail stores, home improvement stores, and bed and bath retailers. Although some people may feel that there is too much effort in hookless shower curtains, the money that is saved by using them could be worth the very little bit of extra time that it takes to assemble them.

Finding a hookless shower curtain that goes well in your bathroom is easy. Hanging them is just as easy as and much more convenient than the one that is probably already there. Hookless shower curtains are used in hotel rooms across the country because they often last longer than those that call for hooks or rings. They do not tear as easily and there are no parts to magically disappear every time you turn your back. Using hookless shower curtains can save money and energy in the long run and have a cleaner, neater look that you will be proud to show off to your guests. Even if your next remodel is not due for some time, the very little money and effort put into a hookless shower curtain can be well worth moving it forward.

Where To Buy


The first place where you can get great deals on the hookless shower curtain, are the large departmental and retail stores. In these places, the customers have the opportunity to sift through a large number of curtains available in a bunch of different sizes and colors and pick the ones that they want. They are also available at extremely low cost and can be easily color coordinated with your bathroom.

A kind of hookless shower curtain that is extremely cheap is the vinyl one it is relatively inexpensive especially when compared to others made of more sturdy materials.
Moreover these large-scale retail stores also run efficiently operated websites, thus you have the opportunity to buy your preferred curtain through the company’s website if you are unable to purchase it through the store due to unavailability.

The advantage of buying the curtain online is that almost no shipping charges are incurred and the curtain can be delivered to your desired location speedily and cost-effectively with no expense. There are also some specific specialty shops that are especially designed to cater to the bath needs of various individuals thus they can help give a wide range of curtains in a number of different sizes and designs.

Some exclusive curtains can be bought in these shops of excellent quality. For example, the Heavy gauge hookless shower curtain is available in different sizes, colors as well as the level of thickness. It is made of a relatively thicker material and is definitely more durable than others. Buying the hookless shower curtain from wholesale websites is also an easy task. As clear and high resolution pictures are given with complete details of the product, you can make a good choice keeping in line with requirements.

However, the only disadvantage is that you can only view it on the screen and there is no physical place to go and check out the curtain. Thus, it is important that the curtain you want is only ordered from a reputable website where you have done dealings before or have heard of others doing appropriate dealings. Nevertheless, buying online saves valuable time and frustration in travelling to the store. Moreover, consumers can also choose from a wide variety of the hookless shower curtains, go through various prices, and select the one that suits them best.

Another advantage of buying the hookless curtain online is the variety of curtains that can be chosen through. The curtains are available at high quality and can be attained at great prices. Free shipment of the curtain is also another advantage!