Affordable Family Vacation

Hoosier Hideaway

If you are looking for a truly affordable, relaxing family vacation, check out Hoosier Hideaway. Hoosier Hideaway is located a few miles outside of Kewanna, Indiana. The house-keeping resort is located on Lake Bruce. The resort is open from May 1st through October 31st. For my more observant readers, yes, I do have the same last name as the owners, I am related to the owners of this resort. BUT, they didn’t own the place when I was young. My parents, aunts and uncles all owned trailers there and we spent many wonderful summers at the lake. My parents don’t own it now, but I am so glad someone in my family owns my favorite family vacation spot. My children have been able to enjoy time on, and in, Bruce Lake. Oh, don’t bother “name-dropping”, it won’t get you anywhere. But, you might hear some stories!

Hoosier Hideaway's Cottages

Captains' QuartersHilltopSunset(88156)



Hoosier Hideaway has six cottages available for rent. Guests can choose to rent Lakeview, Paradise, Rainbow, Sunset or Hilltop. These five cottages have two bedrooms each. The largest cottage, Captain’s Quarters, has three bedrooms. Guests only need to bring their own linens, blankets and towels. All of the beds are full sized. The cottages are fully furnished and have a cozy, rustic feel about them. Each one has air conditioning and heat in case the nights get chilly. The kitchens have everything vacationers need to prepare their meals, they just need to buy (or catch) their own food. If guests really can’t live without television, they’ll have to bring their own. Families are also provided with everything they need for daily housekeeping, no need to worry about finding someone to give them a broom in case they spill something in the middle of the night. Each lakefront cottage also has it’s own screened in porch complete with a swing.

RV Spots
This family vacation spot does have RV spots available for rent. Each spot has water, sewer and metered electric hook-ups. The RV spots are behind, and off to the side of the lakefront cottages and next to the playground. The resort offers RV guests a stand-alone shower house. Men and women have separate shower rooms. I personally feel like the shower house is something straight off the set of “Friday the 13th”; but hey, to each his own...

Hoosier Hideaway offers trailers for rent. The trailers are located in the trailer park, a very short walk from Lake Bruce. The trailers are set up for housekeeping, same as the cottages. If vacationers really like the affordable vacation spot, there are some trailers up for sale. Anyone interested should talk to the owner, they’d be astounded at just how affordable it is to have their own yearly vacation place on Lake Bruce.

Hoosier Hideaway Bait Shop Front

Guests have full access to the piers, beach and playground at Hoosier Hideaway. Rentals also come with their own fire pits. If vacationers bring their own boat, a public access point is very close and these guests will have a spot on one of the resort’s piers. Guests can cook their catch of the day over an open fire, roast marshmallows or just sit around the fire telling stories. There are three metal piers. I’ll fill you in on a secret. The third pier, on the left-hand side, has a nice weed bed off to the left side. This is a great spot for the little ones to fish; they’ll catch some decent pan fish out of Lake Bruce.

The sand on the beach area is regularly tilled so there is plenty of loose sand to play with. The owners work hard to keep the beach area safe and clean. The sand is replenished every year. The owners take their guests’ safety seriously. If storms are in the area, they will chase guests off the piers and out of the water.

Hoosier Hideaway Beach

Pets are welcomed at Hoosier Hideaway but guests absolutely have to keep them on a leash and clean up after them. Anyone who wants to bring their pets to this family vacation spot should discuss it with the owners.

Bait Shop
Hoosier Hideaway has its own bait shop located on the lake front. Guests can buy their fresh bait, tackle, fishing poles, nets and fishing licenses right there. Vacationers will have to buy an Indiana fishing license if they don’t have one. They also have pontoons, fishing boats and paddle boats for rent. Prices of pontoon rentals vary by size of the pontoon boat. The bait shop is more than just a bait shop. They also sell candy, snacks, toys, sunscreen and other items to make their guests’ stay at Lake Bruce enjoyable. But wait, there’s more! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Guests will also find a pool table, jukebox, pinball machine and video games.

Hoosier Hideaway Bait Shop 3Hoosier Hideaway Bait Shop 2Hoosier Hideaway Bait Shop

Lake Bruce
Hoosier Hideaway is on Lake Bruce, a spring-fed lake that covers approximately 290 acres. Lake Bruce has plenty of bass, bluegill, perch, crappie and catfish to go after. If Muskies are the vacationer’s thing, well, they have them too! This is a no-wake lake so families don’t have to worry about some yahoo flying by at speeds over 10 miles an hour. There is a sandbar located towards the middle of the lake and it’s not uncommon to see pontoons drop anchor there so people can enjoy a quick swim. Vacationers can find a map of Lake Bruce inside the bait shop. The map even indicates water depths.

Pontoon Boat

The Area
There are year-round residents in the area. They are very friendly and quick to give advice when asked. If vacationers have the time, and inclination, the locals will share highlights of Lake Bruce’s history and local ghost stories.

Next to Hoosier Hideaway is Chez Lorraine. Chez Lorraine is a restaurant. Railroad tracks used to run through the area, and the restaurant used to be a hotel. My great-grandmother owned it back then. It sat empty and unused for many years. It’s obviously changed a bit from those days, but the owners have very old photographs along the walls that show what life was like back then. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s a great place with awesome people and a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere.

The towns of Rochester, Kewanna and Winamac are a short drive away if any guests want to catch a movie or shop at a big-box store. Golfers can find a nice golf course nearby.

The Owners
The owners, and their extended family, are very active in maintaining Hoosier Hideaway and providing their guests with a relaxing  and affordable family vacation. While the family is from Chicago, they have roots there and maintained ties to the area throughout the generations. The family never lost touch with the area and its people. They knew what a treasure the area is and now that a member of the family moved there and owns Hoosier Hideaway, they truly want to share this gem and have their guests enjoy an affordable family vacation.