Hi Readers,


A couple weeks ago, a few of my friends and I were sitting around waiting to film. That’s when I noticed one of them using this website called HootSuite. After I asked them about the site, they briefly explained that they were using it to post to both Facebook and Twitter. I thought to myself “that’s convenient” and continued on with our day.

That night when I got home, I decided to open up an account for myself since it was free and see first-hand why my friends recommended it. After signing up, I quickly learned how Hootsuite made managing my social network sites easier.

The First aspect of the site that I learned was that I could create tabs for each of my social media sites/personas. For instance, I was able to open a tab for my Facebook, my Fanpage on Facebook, Twitter and both of my Myspace accounts. Inside of my Twitter tab, I could see all of my direct messages, my mentions on the site, retweets and the tweets of the people that I am following. That alone made using Twitter easier because everything was on one page for easy access.

Secondly, I learned that I could post on multiple social media sites at the same time! How crazy is that!? For instance, I created a post/status update/tweet for one of my new Youtube videos and it was sent to both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Once I sent this, I was able to see that the sites were all updated instantly.

Another feature that impressed me, was the option to schedule when your posts/status updates/tweets could be sent out in advance. For me personally, I am always on the go and usually don’t remember to remind people of an event, a new video or a special occasion. By scheduling in advance, I don’t have to worry about remembering to update my sites. I can do all the work in, in one sitting and have my Youtube video continuously mentioned, over a long period.

One of the best qualities of this site is that it helps you stay active with the sites that you would normally not visit often. My example of this is Myspace because until using Hootsuite, I didn’t visit the site in a very long time. Through Hootsuite, I can continue to be present, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, etc. all simultaneously.

Even though, all of these features are great, I am pretty sure that I am barely scratching the surface of what this website can do. There are other tools that you can pay for, to help manage your sites but everything that I have mentioned so far is absolutely free. I highly recommend this site to people who are on more than one social network!