Hoover Dam Las Vegas Tours are a popular way to spend a day when you are in Las Vegas. Oftentimes people fly into Las Vegas and in order to save money; they do not rent a car. If you are on a budget vacation to Las Vegas you should check out the Hoover Dam Las Vegas Tours.

There many companies that offers Hoover Dam Las Vegas Tours. The cost is generally much cheaper than hiring a Las Vegas taxi for the day. You also get a knowledgeable tour guide who can share all kinds of historical data and interesting tidbits about Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam, originally called Boulder Dam, is a short drive from Las Vegas and one of the most amazing pieces of construction work that was ever done. Hoover Dam is such a popular place to visit that it receives over a million visitors each year.

When you book a Hoover Dam Las Vegas Tours make sure that you opt for one of the full day options. A half day Hoover Dam tour is more than enough time to visit Hoover Dam, but a full day will give you the chance to stop at the Hoover Dam Museum in Boulder.

If you stop at the Museum first, you will later have a lot of questions after you actually see the Dam. If you stop at the Museum after your tour, you will soon want to go back to Hoover Dam to see some of the things that you learned about at the Museum. One of the great things about a full day Hoover Dam Las Vegas Tour is that you will generally have a tour guide with you and he can answer many of the questions you may have.

Hoover Dam in 1936There are many options for Hoover Dam Las Vegas Tours. You can also opt to spend a half a day at Hoover Dam and then the bus will stop at a shopping area so you can spend the afternoon shopping. This is a great way for visitors to Las Vegas to be able to not only visit Hoover Dam, but also be able to shop at an outlet mall they probably would never have been able to get to on their own without a car rental.

When you visit Hoover Dam you will pass through Boulder, Nevada. Boulder is a unique town in Las Vegas because they do not allow casinos or gambling within the city limits. It is rare to find anywhere in Nevada that does not have some slot machines or video Poker, but Boulder is the place in Nevada without gaming.

Gambling in Boulder was initially outlawed to keep the thousands and thousands of workers who came to build Hoover Dam from gambling all their money away. Instead, on weekends they would converge on Las Vegas and gamble, drink, and hire prostitutes. The workers who came to help build Hoover Dam would forever change the face of Las Vegas growing it into one of the fastest growing cities in the World. Many of the workers who came from out of state to help build Hoover Dam never left, but instead chose to make the beautiful Las Vegas Valley their home. Image Credit: (Flickr/X-Ray Delta1)