If you are looking to try and get hold of the classic cordless Hoover Linx vacuum cleaner for the best price -- then you have come to the right place. Where below I specify six pretty simple steps & methods that you can easily use to try and get you the best overall deal (which doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest price, rather the price that offers you the best overall package deal) for the Linx.

Firstly -- just a brief overview of specifications & features as to what the Hoover Linx Stick Cordless actually does: basically it's a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner (7.3 lbs) that allows you to vacuum all floor types (both soft-flooring and hard-flooring) pretty effectively through its fitted technology (WindTunnel that prevents loss of suction) and encompassed power (sourced through an 18 volt battery). Moreover, it comes with a few practical highlights too such as being able to stand up by its seldom and has edge cleaning bristles that allow for effective vacuuming even right up against the skirting. Ultimately, the Linx is made to supplement your fully sized standard vacuum cleaner -- it is primarily used due its ease of use and mobility.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $199.99 $148.94 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 8, 2014)

Step One: Check the Online Retailers e.g. Amazon

Personally, this would my first point of call -- check the online massive retailers as because they buy in bulk they are subject to large discounts on the product of sale which they go on to pass to you. For instance, Amazon is a well known and respected (and trusted) massive online retailer and already host a huge range of products that are discounted from their recommended retail price -- hence there is no reason as to why the Hoover Linx should be subject to that (you can quickly check what price Amazon have it listed for with the 'element' above' & to find out more information). Moreover, through Amazon you also get the third party sellers who go through Amazon to sell their products -- in which case they may potentially be undercutting Amazon, so effectively you are searching through a wide range of stores instantly and working out the best buy. You may also find that there is a special deal being held for instance you get a free attachment when you buy the Hoover Linx.

Hoover LINX Cordless Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, 18-Volt, BH50000 REV-B
Amazon Price: $69.99 $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 8, 2014)
"*8-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges in just 3 hours
*Free from heavy metals; maintains constant power during use
*Can be charged hundreds of times without a reduction in run-time
*Energy Star rated"

Step Two: Check for the Linx on eBay

Once, you have worked out the cheapest price for the Hoover Linx from an online store, I would go on to head to the world wide car boot sale -- eBay -- and see if anyone is selling the Hoover Linx new as an unwanted gift (where you can often find them still boxed). A great method of essentially getting a brand new vacuum yet at large discount for simply someone else owning the box it was in. Furthermore, I suggest you head to a site such as Fatfingers.com where you can actually benefit from the seller of the Hoover Linx due to typos etc. eBay is also a particularly good place for getting any replacement parts on the cheap as well such as a spare Hoover Linx battery (as well as Amazon).

Step Three: Check for Used/Refurbished/Remanufactured Hoover Linx

To get some of the largest possible discounts (e.g. 40% off) you may want to consider a refurbished Hoover Linx or a used one -- obviously when they obviously been pre-owned or/and broken (& then repaired) -- they carry a greater risk of breaking again, hence reducing its value and price tag significantly. Moreover, they do not carry the same warranty guarantee (in some cases) as when bought new. Again, places such as Amazon and eBay often have a lot on sale, but it is a personal decision for you as to weigh up the risk or not. 

Step Four: Check Directly with Hoover.com

Some people actually never head over to the manufacturer's website directly and see if they are holding any special promotions or offers -- I believe Hoover have a dedicated section with the Linx likely to (sometime) fall into that category. For instance, they are holding a specified 15% discount for a limited time only or free next day delivery or a free attachment kit that comes with it. They also occasionally release a limited edition version of a vacuum that is an upgrade to that of the original, certainly worth looking out for.

Step Five: Check Out Your Local Vacuum Store

A good place to visit is actually just your local vacuum store (even if it is to simply check the Linx out -- they are sure to provide you a little test run if asked) and see if you can negotiate on a better deal than you have worked out that you can get online (where obviously it is much harder to negotiate on the price you have found). They may not budge much on the price listed on the vacuum (be sure to mention what the cheapest possible price is you have found online), but they are often willing to 'add' certain perks to your purchase such as more attachments for your vacuum and/or an extended warranty on your initial 2 year one etc. 

Step Six: Check for Special Codes, Vouchers, Deal Websites etc.

A really quick and final step to conduct is to simply search online for special deals and offers e.g. Google Shopping, whereby it lists the best & cheapest prices of your local and online stores. Moreover, try searching for "Hoover Linx Coupons" and "Hoover Linx Vouchers" to see if they provide you with any pin to get a certain discount or free attachment with a purchase to use on a certain online order for example. Be sure to check out 'Deal' based websites too, where they listed special promotions for that day -- and on which the Hoover Linx might be on Special offer so you can capitalise. Make sure you let me know through the comments what deal you have found on the Linx, so other people trying to get a good deal on the Linx can it too.

Also, if you have any questions, comments or remarks regarding either the article 'Hoover Linx Best Price' or about the actual vacuum cleaner itself (e.g. mechanical specifications and features) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.