Comparison Review: Dyson DC35 and Hoover Linx

In this comparison we look at two competing stick model vacuum cleaners -- the Hoover Linx and the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim -- highlighting both the 'strong points' and 'weaknesses' of each machine as well as their commonalities. We will also look at whether either of these stick vacuum cleaner could actually replace you regular full sized vacuum machine and make recommendations based on performance, usability and value for your money.

What the Linx and the DC35 have in Common

Obviously as both machines are cordless stick vacuum cleaners they weigh much less than your standard conventional machine. Both have a lithium ion battery that delivers full 'constant' power until the very end of its life. The dust collection facility on both the Hoover and the Dyson stick vacuums is a small crystal clear polycarbonate drum; neither machine uses bags (saving you on the need of constant replacements).

The battery life on both cleaners is limited to 15 minutes. This might be enough for a quick run around, but is insufficient for a full house vacuuming; you would probably end up needing to split your vacuuming chores into two or three sessions (for the relative standard sized house), yet again it could be used for a certain area of your home e.g. just the upstairs areas, saving you on carrying a fully sized vacuum up and down your stairway.

As stated because both are lithium ion batteries ths then means that there is no ‘memory effect’; you can recharge the machine after a partial discharge and still charge the battery to its full extent.

Both batteries take more than 3 hours to recharge, so buying a spare battery might be a good idea -- to get a constant practice for the vacuums.

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A replacement DC35 battery, that can be attached straight into the wall mount -- meaning whilst you are using the other battery for vacuuming, this battery can be charging ready for when the next dies out (essentially doubling your 15 mins to 30 mins of cleaning).

Differences between the Linx and the DC35

The Hoover Linx weighs a lot more than the DC35; 2.5 pounds might not seem a lot more, but when you are constantly carrying it around, using it to dust the tops of curtains or lampshades -- you will definitely soon feel the difference in weight. 

The Linx does have a full width floor cleaning tool, which the DC35 does not have. The floor cleaning tool also has soft wheels that will not mark timber floors. This being said the DC35's cleaner head is fitted with soft nylon bristles and won't damage delicate flooring either, to ensure yourself further of this fact you could also potentially invest in the Dyson articulating hard floor tool. 

The battery on the DC35 is more powerful than that on the Linx, so the DC35 will have better suction in the same way that a higher voltage battery electric drill has more drilling power -- boasting a measure of 28 Air Watts in standard mode for the DC35 and 60 on boost mode.

A notable factor is that the Dyson stick cleaner has a trigger actions switch that you need to keep squeezing or the machine switches off (which can be rather irritating as you will may have seen within DC35 reviews) while the Hoover cleaner has the proper on/off switch.

Hoover Linx

The Hoover cleaner weighs in at 7.25 pounds (3.41Kg), which is about one half of the weight of a traditional upright cleaner, however the weight in the Linx is all down at the bottom, so it is not all that easy to pick up and vacuum the ceiling or curtains. You can use it in the same way as an upright vacuum cleaner because it comes with a full width floor-cleaning tool that is 11 inches wide.

The machine has an 18v lithium ion rechargeable battery that as said lasts for about 15 minutes on a constant suction power. A wall-mounted charging station is included in the price, but this only has about 3 feet of flex on it so it will need to be mounted near an electricity outlet.

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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim

The Dyson cleaner weighs in at 4.9 pounds (2.23Kg), about twice the weight of a handheld vacuum cleaner (e.g. DC34) -- this being said once you remove the Dyson wand, the DC35 actually essentially can be used in the exact same manner as the DC34. It is designed for easy, one-handed operation and cleaning furniture, crevices and curtains more than floors because the only attachments are a crevice tool and a narrow 3 inch wide upholstery cleaning tool (hence why many feel the need to additionally purchase the articulating hardfloor tool and cordless tool kit).

The machine has a 22v life lithium ion rechargeable battery that lasts for about 15 mins. The DC35 has a suction boost facility but this reduces the battery life to 6 minutes so needs to be used with care, but provides you with more double the power. It takes approximately 3.5 hours to recharge the battery.

Two tools are supplied with the machine, a crevice tool and 9 inch wide combination tool designed for floors and furniture.

The weight in the DC35 is mostly in the hand grip, which makes it far easier and comfortable to use in ‘wand’ mode because of the more suitable weight distribution (compared to the Hoover Linx).

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Conclusion: Which Should You Buy?

What you need depends on your own priorities, so we have made a few recommendations taking this into account.


The Hoover is Linx half the price of the Dyson DC35, which gives it a massive head start in terms of value. The Dyson has to be at least twice as good to make up for the extra $150 you are paying. Arguably it isn’t; so arguably the Linx wins on critical value (this is however, only  if you are looking at getting a new vacuum, if you take a look at a refurbished DC35, you may find a far more reasonable looking price) -- however the advantages that the DC35 has over the Linx for you personally may perhaps be worth the extra cash.

Full Size Vacuum Replacement 

If you have a small home then either of these stick vacuums could potentially replace a traditional vacuum cleaner. The limited capacity of the dust collection chamber means you would have to empty it practically every time you use it though (perhaps on more than one occasion), so if this is a chore you hate then it would be better to go for a full-size cleaner with a large capacity bag or other dust collection container.

For cleaning high up e.g. curtains, the Dyson is much better because it is easier to use with all its weight at the handle end i.e with regards to mobility the DC35 dominates. Hence, those looking ultimately for complete 'ease of use' should opt for the DC35 really.


The higher voltage battery on the DC35 gives it greater suction and it has a boost mode too, so for general cleaning performance it is the better vacuum. It is easier to use because of its lower weight and better balance, especially when you want to use it to reach up high.

The Linx is superb at picking up dog hairs, even from rugs and carpets because of its powered rotating brushes. This is not to say the DC35 is incapable of dealing with pert hair, it is only when you are considering the multi-floor version you do not get the additional pet hair attachment that is offered with the DC35 animal -- the mini turbine pet hair tool.

Moreover, if you have arthritis in your hands then the trigger action of the DC35 will be potentially quite uncomfortable and you should buy the Linx instead because of its proper on/off switch. 

If you have any further questions, concerns, remarks regarding either the Hoover Linx or the DC35 (or regarding the actual article review) please do not hesitate to the make them just below in the comments section.

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