Personally, I love hovering around with the Dyson DC07 is so efficient, it's practically bordering on fun. At first glance, one might have some hesitation due to its state of the art design and may be left wondering if it is a vacuum or a device that could propel dust bunnies straight into space. But I have noticed that due to its stellar performance, we would not be surprised if it can really do just that. Unlike most top of the line vacuum cleaners, Dyson has a unique Root Cyclone technology that uses centrifugal force as much as 100,000G in its cyclone in order to filter out all the dust that keeps the airflow from working efficiently. This way, you avoid any chances of your vacuum clogging and still maintain powerful suction action. This is especially useful when I am cleaning up the dirt that my fourteen year old (and his friends) track mud back in the house!

Its efficiency may be attributed to its quick draw hose. All you have to do is simply push a button located at the top part of the hose and you can begin hovering on. It frees you up and encourages mobility thanks to seventeen feet of hose – now, you can vacuum the entire staircase while leaving the machine itself at the bottom of the stairs. No more lugging around your vacuum up and down the steps! And for tip-cautious folks, rest easy in the knowledge that even if you extend the hose all the way, it will not cause the entire vacuum to tip over.

Busy moms and time-pressed folks will love the Dyson DC07 easy to clean feature. When it is time for me to empty the dust bin all you have to do is press the release button located on the surface of the bin. Take this out and place it over your trash can. Once you squeeze the trigger, the bottom part will flip over and the dirt will fall into the trash can. No mess, no fuss! Even if I am late for a meeting and need to clean out your vacuum bin, I will never worry about leaving any grey dust marks on my impeccable white blazer!
The Dyson DC07 is also a vacuum that is sensitive enough to actually take care of my delicate items. On bare tops and intricate rugs, all I have to do is turn off the Dyson DC07's beater blades. I no longer have to deal with the hassle of moving stuff around or manually cleaning delicate rugs and throw-alls with my own bare hands! Indeed, the Dyson DC07 can truly be the vacuum of everyone's choice!