A Look at Hopper Bird Feeders

For Sale at Many Online Retailers

Hopper bird feeders are a type of feeder that generally looks similar to a miniature house. That's one reason why this type of bird feeder is very popular. They are decorative, which is one aspect that many look at when purchasing a feeder. Hopper bird feeders also range in price from about $20 - $80, which makes them affordable to most bird enthusiasts.

Structure of Hopper Bird Feeders
Hopper bird feeders have a vertical silo, which is where the bird seed is stored. Under the vertical silo is a platform, which holds the bird seed. The seed then comes down the silo and on to the platform in a controlled manner. As the birds continue to eat the seeds, additional seeds come through the silo, so there are always seeds available for the birds to eat. This is especially helpful if there are many birds eating at the Hopper feeder at one time.

There are Hopper bird feeders that have suet cages on the sides as well. The cages can obviously be filled with suet, or you can use another type of food, such as orange peels. This will attract different types of birds to the Hopper feeder, which is very beneficial. A larger number of birds will get food that they need, and you will be able to observe and enjoy more bird species in your front or backyard.

In most cases, Hopper bird feeders also have a miniature roof on top of the feeder. This is actually where you add the seed into the feeder. The roof is removable, so you simply lift it up and pour the bird seed into the vertical silo. Every so often, the roof should also be removed so the inside of the feeder can be cleaned. That's another benefit of Hopper bird feeders. They are easy to fill with bird seed and are also easy to clean.

Hopper bird feeders are very decorative, easy to fill, and easy to clean. You can also get a double feeder, which means you can use two different types of bird seed in the same feeder. These are usually designed with two separate vertical silos, or one vertical silo that's split in half, with a small wall separating the two sides. This will also attract a wider range of bird species to your feeder. Hopper bird feeders are very affordable and can easily be found for sale online at Amazon.com or other online retailers.