The Horizon T20 has everything, it is durable, efficient, has a strong motor and a good display for information on your current state while running.


Very heavy users should look at something a little more pricey, you can get other reviews by searching on Google.

Full Review

You could buy a subscription at a good health institute to go and find out how it is to work out on a good treadmill, or you could buy a good treadmill yourself to work out in the comfort of your home. Have a look at Horizon's Fitness Treadmills. they have every possible range and size available and we will have a closer look now at some of their more popular models.

The Horizon Wt950 treadmill reaches the enormous speed of 12 miles per hour and was constructed for endurance and rigid training routines, which is why it has 2.25-horsepower strong motor. There is an incline functionality which can be used at its full strength at about 3200 revolutions per minute and with up to 500 pounds direct thrust at 0 to 12% inclination. With the included wireless pedometer, you can track your daily steps easily and have a look at them from the treadmill display to know how you are progressing day after day. The treadmill takes care of holding that information for you and it is even very portable because of its really light weight feature which allows you by its two hydraulic shocks to lower and raise the surface and hold it at up to 45° fixed for easy storage without taking up too much space. The really compact construction of the machine folds down to close up fully in order to provide safety and easy movability, and the treadmill offers a very good soft cushioning system which takes off of you the stress that other treadmills put on your joints and legs and back.

Another good model is the Horizon T20 treadmill, which was the Advance 200 originally and which still represents one of their best selling treadmill machines. This popularity can be explained due to the fact that the machine is very appealing for both starters and professionals and provides a very good workout adapted for either light, casual or heavier use. The durability and the great easiness of its usage are important factors, too, and together with the other treadmills of the same series (like the T30 or the HR, etc...), this machine is an inevitable choice for every potential sportsmen who likes to run or jog either with or without an inclined running belt. It also features a display rich in information such as the speed of the calorie burning and the running speed and distance overcome.

I recommend getting the Horizon T20 if you want to have good treadmill at home for casual use and to get into good shape.

In Closing

Whatever treadmill you choose in the end, you should read enough reviews and at best test the machine locally to ensure it fits you and your workout needs.