What is PHT (Pellet Hormonal Therapy)?


Hormone pellet therapy is an advanced medical procedure which uses small pellets that supply certain amount of estrogen and testosterone in the body. They are designed in such a way that they supplement the existing hormones in the body but do not replace them. 

How It Works

The therapy which basically involves the use of small pellets was being used earlier as well during the last century. The first time that it was used after being developed in France in 1935, was in the early 1940s and onwards when it was used in the United States. Today it is extremely popular in many countries in Europe as well as Australia. It is also equally popular with men as with women.

Plant-based hormones are included in small quantities inside the pellets. The hormones are made from a natural compound which is found widely in soy and wild yam. This supplement is highly suited to the therapy as it is biologically the same as human hormones.

The pellets are manufactured in a licensed pharmacy under sterile conditions. They are usually formulated using the best ingredients and following very high quality manufacturing standards. If you compare the pellets to a cooked grain of rice it will be slightly larger, and can be easily placed underneath the skin without any experience of pain.

This therapy allows the human body to receive the much-needed hormones by injecting it into the bloodstream on a 24 x 7 basis.



There are many benefits of the hormone pellet therapy:

- A person who has undergone the therapy experiences and increase in energy levels and does not tire easily as before.

- It also improves memory and concentration and makes the person mentally sharp.

- One of the biggest benefits of the therapy is that the person is able to sleep very well, and this naturally makes the person more alert and fresh during the day.

- He also experiences and increase in sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

- People who have undergone the therapy have said that they have been able to replace irritability and mood swings with more stable modes for longer periods.

- Another great benefit of the therapy is that there is a decrease in overall body fat.

- Less anxiety and reduce depression are the results experienced by a person who has undergone the therapy.

- There is an increased sense of happiness and well-being in the person.


Many people worry about side-effects which come with every therapy. But the hormone pellet therapy has very few side-effects because of the fact that the pellets are only restoring important hormones to a certain level. During the initial stages at the beginning of the therapy it may take some time for the person to adjust. The side-effects are extremely mild and may consist of temporary tenderness in the breast nipples, and a temporary increase in water weight.

Mode of treatment

First and foremost you must consult with an experienced specialist. The specialist will go through your medical history and advice the best course of treatment. Once you are through with your blood tests and consultation you will be supplied with pellets according to your requirements. The procedure is very simple and is carried out in the specialist’s clinic in which a local anesthetic is used. The hormone pellets are placed under the skin in the buttocks or hip in a period not exceeding 15 minutes. There is no pain involved and the pellets get dissolved in due course of time which may extend to several months. The procedure may need to be done more than once in the first year and two or three times in every consecutive year.


The hormone pellet therapy is very popular since it is painless and simple. It is a great opportunity for people to regain their youthfulness for the rest of their lives.